New screenshots Sonic the Hedgehoc

SEGA shows us some more nice footage of the next-gen versions of Sonic the Hedgehoc, that will be released worldwide this month. Does Sonic still got the touch?

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Yo Wassap4450d ago

as usual, sonic has lost it. I hate it how they chuck in amazing CG for the cutscenes and use really crap graphics in general for the gameplay. I can't comment on the gameplay because i haven't played it. But if i had to make an assumption based on previous new sonic games i would say that's going to be dull and repetetive.

marionz4449d ago

i think sega suck almost as much as EA, they havnt put out many good games, and sorry but even virtua fighter sucks, sonic is dead to me now, i really wanted this game untill i played the demo, well thanks for saving me from spending my cash on this trash sega!