1UP editors: Wii got punk'd

Even reputed game journalists are not above gullibility. Director Mark MacDonald has posted a prank he played in the 1UP / EGM offices recently where he used pre-recorded footage of Metroid Prime 2 and Auto Modelista, a "replica Wii joystiq [sic]," and a laptop battery posing as a sensor bar to fool more than a few editors that they had gotten a retail Wii unit in early.

Dan Hsu caught on quickly, after launching into a mini-tirade about unreturned e-mails to Nintendo. A few others, however, were no so lucky, even sitting down to play the games for many minutes before realizing they were mere marionettes in a sick and twisted mind game. All the embarrassment has been caught on tape.

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death monk5326d ago

It's kind of sad that they can pose GameCube games as Wii games.

LiamFly5325d ago

It was funny to see them sit there so long thinking they were playing the game. Looks like a fun place to work.