IGN Reviews Haze - 4.5/10

Haze was touted as a great PS3 exclusive from a developer well versed in first-person shooter mechanics. While Free Radical does have a solid pedigree, Haze does not live up to the company's reputation thanks to a horrible plot, weak gameplay mechanics and visuals that are truly underwhelming. While playing with friends is enjoyable, not even those are enough to bring this lackluster title around.

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Bacon4775d ago

Ouch. Looks like I'm skipping this one.

sonarus4775d ago

This was a rental for me at best so this just eliminates the possibility of a rental.

Hatchetforce4775d ago

It is going to bomb in the score department. At the same time watch this game develop a following that critics can't explain.

ice_prophecy4775d ago

I am with sonarus. Buying games is a big decision for me. It has to be in the area I like, or just mind numbingly great.

FreeMonk4775d ago

..just Wow.

I was expecting big things from Haze, especially seeing that it's had quite a bit of hype, but from the looks of things, it could be a big turkey.

Maybe not the 'Halo Killer' it was expecting Haze to be.

I guess I'll have to wait for MGS4 to fill my PS3 needs! Back to GTA 4

Bathyj4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Sorry but I fail to see how this game can get a 4 in graphics while GTA gets a 10. You can just add reading IGN to the list of things I wont be doing while playing Haze. They complain Nectar makes it too easy and then they complain it gets taken away. *Head pops*

I mean, dont you think that score is a little low, even if the game is mediocre. I've played the demo and its better than that. It would have to be downright dreadful to get that score.

Superfragilistic4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

IGN writes:

"That being said, you are going to have to put up with some extremely weak visuals within Haze. There is a litany of problems with the game, from the odd warping of allied soldiers that blink into view suddenly at arbitrary checkpoints to poor texture work. Many of the environmental textures are generic and weak, and you'll frequently see seams or tearing constantly pop up within the game, which distracts from the action onscreen. The worse example of this has to be the visuals for the flamethrower, the Dragon de la Gente, which vomits a horrid cone of supposed flame that looks visually on par with what you'd find from the 386 PC days 15 years ago."

Thankfully the demo had already made my mind up to put this with the shovelware, this just confirms it.

Now that this Haze crap is over Free Radical can you go and make TimeSplitters something worthwhile!

madmike4775d ago

only ps3 can make a game this good see this is what the cell can do if it was made for 360 it would not be runing at 1080p 120fps o yes ign hates the ps3 and all other sits that give this game a low score.thank you sony for giving me the most powerful system in japan.

mikeslemonade4775d ago

Atleast the PS3 has FPS games coming this year. I'm renting this one for the coop online. COOP on anything is worth a rent and this is one review in reality this could be a 7 from other sites because some sites already gave Haze a 9 and 8.

WIIIS14775d ago

Wow some people will never accept that Sony games score like pieces of dung. They will put down every reviewer who put down Sony games and lay claim to their own opinion as being visionary. Must be a great little lonely world they live in.

Kami4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

last November.
I was exited in January.
it was a rental yesterday
today... well... i don't have anything to say.
oh well, im going back to replay all the metal gears and return the crappy GTA4 to get the awesomeness of MGS4

Pika-pie4775d ago

Had a feeling this would be a disappointment. Oh well, back to playing GTA. only 3 weeks till MGS!

mikeslemonade4775d ago

I'm not saying it's great game i'm saying it's worth a rental for the coop online. And for sure this is on the low end of the review scores your experience may vary from 4.5 to 9.


i predicted this would flop over a month ago. to those of you that disagreed with me... ill be breaking all your windows tonight while you sleep.

i dont say things to be mean or anything, i just state the honest truth.
my condolences to those of you that were looking forward to this crap game.

save your money and buy resitance 2.,.........and a dual shock 3.

factory4775d ago

this title was getting very lukewarm previews ages ago and with all the extra development time it didnt seem to work was probably doomed from the early excuse for poor graphics on a ps3 exclusive at this point.that said i've seen some bad games get better than a 4.5, so maybe ubisoft didnt grant ign that exclusive it wanted for the review..i will personally wait for a few more reviews to come down

Winter47th4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

What a crock'a sh!t, "visuals that are truely underwhelming", yeah right

Sounds like they reviewd the 1 year old E3'07 demo, good for'em.

N2NOther4775d ago

GTA got a 10 in graphics because for a game that has so much going on, it's damned impressive...The Euphoria engine is impressive, the lighting, the detail on the buildings...Take up a helicopter and you can see every single part of Liberty City...AND they all look great...That's reason enough.

Then you have the fact that it's a different reviewer for each game and subjectivity comes into play, it's very easy to see how one got a 10 and Haze got a 4.5.

ANYWAY, yep, this is exactly the kind of review I was expecting after that terrible demo.

LJWooly4775d ago

Whilst my hopes weren't too high for this game, either, but I have to say, IGN are a little out of place scoring this game so low in the graphics department. They mark worse-looking games higher than that.

I'm not going to buy it anyway, but I think IGN were way too harsh on the game.

TripleTags4775d ago

which is why it will have some following .. rental for the effort. slap on the wrist to Ubisoft for not delaying the game indefinitely and perfecting it.

HateBoy4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Does this mean America hates Sony?

I mean, if Sweden hates Sony when a magazine gives it 6/10, the US must really really just HATE Sony, no? C'mon, logic.

Give it up guys, game sucks, as was evident to any clear minded gamer from the demo. Wait for Res2 goddammit, THAT is gonna be great, I have no doubt about that.

EDIT: I'm actually gonna agree with hatchet up there, I think this game might have a significant fanbase in a not to distant future. I think its a love or hate game.

LJWooly4775d ago

No one's saying it doesn't suck, but you have to admit, they were a little too harsh in the graphics department.

The disagrees have been crazy on this site lately...

Megaton4775d ago

I had never been looking forward to Haze, and the demo just confirmed the averageness of the game for me. However, I've gotta wonder if it's really bad enough to deserve a 4.5.

SickNick854775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

it's a jeff hayes review!!!! the same man who give 3/10 to God Hand and 7,5 su 10 to Kingdom Hearts 2...

jwatt4775d ago

I don't understand why people were hyping this game up, even before the demo was out it looked iffy. Plus why would you care about hyping this game when you got GTA4 now and MGS4 right around the corner.

I think I know a good game when I see one and I knew this wasn't one of them.

zPlayer4775d ago

i knew this game was gonna suck. with the interviews and the demo. and still even though i knew, it still is a disapointment

RudeSole Devil4775d ago

Granted this game is far from a 10 (based on the demo), but come on IGN gives GTA IV 10s, and Mario Galaxy 9.5 the graphics in Mario Galaxy sucks donkey balls. Haze has all the next gen graphics features in this game, Specular mapping, Bumping mapping, normal mapping etc. I can tell IGN has no technical background developing games. If haze Story sucks well thats a matter of personal opinion, but when you give a game a 4 means unplayable, with frame rate issues, game doesn't install on hard drive, six axes controller only, game freezes. GTA IV is a great game but has most of these flaws and then some. IGN you suck Haze deserves at least 8.0 just on the technical side.

uie4rhig4775d ago

tbh.. the game is not bad at all (demo at least).. the game may not be 'awesome' and may not be a Halo killer, it still doesn't deserve a 4.5.. a 6.5 would have been better, i am 100% that reviewer is a big xbox fanboy.. i mean that game is good... in a way that it won't EVER get a 10.. but also it shouldn't get anything lower than a 6...

yesah4775d ago

i absolutly loved the demo, i was a little on edge about buying. But this review was just to harsh. I am going to buy Haze, IGN failed on this one.

PSMonster214775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Why did the devs even bother delaying the game if they weren't going to fix anything or make it better. I just don't understand. I mean they should have just released it last Christmas, it couldn't have been much worse. You can't really get worse than a 4.5, you have to actually TRY to get lower than a 4.5. I am very disappointed in Free Radical and this game. I will still give it a try but i just don't know.

Kaneda4775d ago

I played the demo. I don't think the graphic was that bad, just the demo didn't bring intensity like COD4 or Resistance. I think it deserved around 6-7 not 4.5...

staub914775d ago

I wonder if IGN has something against the devolpers because I have seen piles of crap at least get 6's.

cmrbe4775d ago

for what?. A question to x360 fans trolling. Does the x360 have any games flop?. Besides this is just one review. Is IGN now the only reviewer?.

Its funny from the outset of this console war it seems like x360 fans seems to hold on to game rankings like a religion which is pretty pathetic.

Game reviews should only be use as a pointer of games that you might want to check out. It should not in any way decide for you what game to buy. Take reviews as they are which are just an experience game journalist opinion about a game. In the end make sure that you are the one that decides what to buy and not the reviewer.

Seeing people play with game rankings is just sad. Game metacritic ranking it seems is used by some people to make them feel better and to validate their purchase of a console or a game which is truly pathetic. Its shouldn't be this way. Some of you people need to grow up.

CumQuats4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

I agree about what reviews should tell a reader.
When I read a review I want to know what is it mainly about & if there are any fundamenatl problems w/ it like controls. Do they suck? Are there any weird/annoying glitches?
Is the voice acting what anyone w/ any common sense consider terrible or ridiculous [ex:old res evil games]?
What about replay value?

spec_ops_comm4774d ago

After being so underwhelmed by the demo, I kind of figured this game was going to be a letdown.

But 4.5/10?? Ouch.. My impression was in the 6/10 range - I would have never guessed this game would actually get a failure rating.

PSMonster214774d ago

500 comments? Really? Can you say fanboys?

Saint Sony4774d ago

FPS after FPS, none of them really brings anything innovative anyhow. No wonder people start to dislike FPS.

samfk4774d ago

youve also gotta worry about a game releasing so long after the promised date!i usually like ubisoft games with a few exceptions ,and this will be 1 .they must be preying it sells well ,but unless a lot of noobs like it i think its screwed!!!

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Condoleezza Rice4775d ago

Looks like it's going to be an all out MGS Summer.

rucky4775d ago

That's a nail in the coffin right there.

permutated4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Spore and Ninja Gaiden II for me :-) (I personally can wait a few months for MGS4 I have sooooo many titles I need to finish including Snake Eater)

I kinda laughed at all the people who were really hyping up Haze, then they started seeing those 7/10 reviews, then 6/10...they kept saying "I'll wait for a real review"...then here comes IGN and levels it with a 4.5

Just makes you think, is our perception of a title changed by people we respect? I mean does a pedigree necessarily equate a "free pass"? I think the answer here is a resounding NO.

Jon Cage4775d ago

Infinity Ward is the only developer that gets a free pass from me. Of course that's only until they burn me with a crappy game. Hopefully never gonna happen.

[email protected]4775d ago

Look like it is: MGS4 Summer all along with SingStar & DBZ: Burst Limit.

ukilnme4775d ago

NG2 first and foremost for me. MGS 1-4 after that.

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SPARTAAN4775d ago

i absolutely did not expect such a game from free radical

macsto4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

the PS3 happend. They should just let insomniac dev all ps3 games from now on, they are gods.

Hatchetforce4775d ago

Part of the issue IS free radical. Seriously, Doak needs a slapping. Who takes the game's biggest secret and blabs about it a year before release. Idiot.

games4fun4775d ago

that is actually true to some extent if free radical had not released any info on nector/co-op and released a demo where your not using it and then in the game its all of a sudden people might have been pleasantly surprised instead of angry after countless delays

sidenote: i defended haze quite a bit all the features looked good on paper, but after the demo i was underwhelmed and have not really commented on haze in any topics and let others draw their own conclusions. Also to anyone who is undecided just rent the game and see if you like it. IMO i think its generic and i think that a 7 would have been more fair.

Seraphim4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

hate to say it but it seems Free Rad bit off more than they could chew. With co-op, and everything else they were cramming into the game they didn't have the appropriate time to polish, tweak, and refine what truly matters, THE Game itself.

I'll still get it from Gamefly just to pass a week before Ninja Gaiden II drops [sure buy] but how much of Haze I play is beyond me. I'm so bored I bought CoD2 for $10 last night just to pass some time. That is if I can even bring myself to tackle Veteran. Back to Haze. To say the very least I was very unimpressed with the demo and if this review holds any truth this might be the first game in well over two years that I don't actually finish that isn't an RPG.

With awful reviews, and probably awful sales on the horizon. As if PS3 software wasn't selling bad enough... Can anyone now say confirmed for the 360? They're going to have to get their money back in some way. I'd imagine trying to scape the game together for a 360 release might be inevitable...

yes, everyone disagree. I smell it coming...

btw: no mention of MGS4 because I've never been big on the series. The only one I remotely got into was MGS2 and that I only got about 15 hours into before I shelved it. Just not my flavor beer. Though I'll probably end up buying it I'm sure it won't keep me locked down for long...

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SiLeNt KNighT4775d ago

i never expected much from this game. looked like a typical shooter from the first screen shots to the first video. this game wasnt ever on my rent list and these reviews confirm i wont be missing out.

Shaka2K64775d ago

I used to trust but after the HS and Lair fiasco i lost all trust in that website. review for Two Worlds gave this POS the more positive review.

Haze just like Lair AAA material for me, never have bought a game based on reviews never will, reviews are just opinions.

all fanboy aside Lair last year was far more fun,addictive and innovative then all the other paid AAAs like failo 2.5 and mario gaylaxy.

n4gzz4775d ago

Wasn't expecting any 9 above but 4.5 ?? you gotta be kidding me. There goes my 2 copy that i was planning to get. MGS 4 better hit 9.8 to make up for this.

poos34775d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAA FREE RADICAL my a hole droids don't even mutter their name again thank god they left RARE haha wait and see when banjooie drops haha kidds free radical is a joke they have never done anything great and wont also the ps3 is not the best place to start when u suck at making games as its a mess of a machine made in Taiwan crap haha I HOPE THEY don't dear bring this garbage to the 360 ill actually buy it then grill it using the foreman grill aka the ps3.

Kleptic4775d ago

shaka...come on man...

I am just as much a PS3 fan as the next guy...but we need to sit back, and take this like men...

Haze flopped...its more or less official now...while I found the demo 'ok', I hoped that because it was old and didn't show much that much had changed is quite obvious that that is not the case...

IGN gave the PS3 version of GTAIV as the 'obviously' superior version...Haze didn't ammount to much according to them...its not their fault...It became quite obvious that there were very big problems with time and budgets when it was confirmed to be 574p or whatever...when you have Guerilla confirmed KZ2 at a native 720p @ 30fps fixed...and Haze, which looks horrendous compared to KZ2 altogether, running at several hundred thousand pixels per screen less...something is up...

Seriously...there is nothing that can be done now...the flames are already lit, so just let it go...just be happy about one little thing that this means...Free Radical is a world class developer...and apparently they can make a game just as bad as turning point, or Lair...that has to mean things can be reversed, in which Guerilla is on track to possibly make one of the best shooters ever definitely looks that way so far...

I'll rent it I guess...I was pretty excited for this last year...thought the videos made it look fun...and finally used my euro account to get the demo...the demo was a little underwhelming, but mostly because I had seen the entire thing played through online a year ago (it wasn't anything new)...

I knew something was up when Famatsu gave it that high score also...I called that last week...the Japanese do not understand shooters...when they think its good, there most likely is something extremely wrong...

ppp4775d ago

i want this game bad ps3 rules

juuken4775d ago

I wasn't expecting this game to be a gift from the gods but a 4.5 is scary. Oh well, MGS4 all the way then.

kosha4775d ago

ppp you still want this game after that review

PopEmUp4775d ago

is a bot that that M$ release to infected people brain so be careful when interact with it =D

Nadine Coyle4775d ago

ppp is a piss 3rd droid that is imperinating a 360 fan.

lawman11084774d ago

Ohhhhh baby! "Haze is a PS3 exclusive" YOU CAN HAVE IT BROTHER! hahahahahahaha This NEVER gets old typing this "YET ANOTHER TURD IN SONY'S TOILET"!!!!

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