Will The Elder Scrolls Online adopt a free-to-play model?

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated MMO releases in years, but it comes with a hefty price - £8.99 a month on top of the software purchase fee. Will The Elder Scrolls Online be able to survive and succeed as a pay-to-play only title, or will it follow in the footsteps of World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic and introduce a free-to-play aspect?

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sYRes1677d ago

They should. I've been playing the beta and this game isn't worth the price of the game and a monthly fee. Star Wars The Old Republic is a helluva better game then Teso and it tried a monthly fee and failed.

xPhearR3dx1677d ago

To each their own but I found Star Wars extremely boring. I guess it helps I'm a huge ES fan, but I'm glad this isn't free to play. The only free to play game I've ever played that didn't shove microtransactions down your throat was Path of Exile.

If ESO was F2P, you'd end up spending more than $15 a month just to get things you'd normally have with a subscription model and then extra $ for other things.

Sure, asking for a monthly sub can turn users away, but with F2P games, if you want to get anywhere within the game at a decent pace, you'll spend far more than $15.

Why do you think mobile gaming is so profitable? Everyone releases these F2P titles that are time wasters that people get so invested in that once or twice a week their spending a few bucks to speed things up. Before you realize it, you've spent maybe 20-30 a month. At least with a subscription model, you don't have to "pay to win" and still get regular content updates that feel like "DLC" these days.

Chances are, if you played the beta and didn't like the core gameplay, you wouldn't play long enough (or at all) to justify the F2P model. I will gladly pay the $15 a month until I feel the asking price doesn't justify the content we are receiving.

CerebralAssassin1677d ago

Like most others, I have other games I invest my time in. If I had to pay 15 a month, I would feel obligated to play that game when there are other games I want to spend my free time with. Plus I already pay for xbl so I feel like I shouldnt have to pay to play 1 game when I already pay to play.

joab7771677d ago

I wish more ppl understood exactly what they will be getting with a f2p model. It will be forced to add a ton of microtransactions. I would ratherpay $15/month and have constant updates etc. Otherwise the game will depend on a small core spending a ton of money.

cleft51677d ago

It's not that people aren't willing to pay a monthly fee to play a game online. It's that nothing shown in ESO motivates the average person to want to pay a monthly fee on top of buying the game. The game is just so generic and it lacks that spark that makes Elder Scrolls games so much fun. Do people what to play an Elder Scrolls game online with friends, absolutely. But this game is not what people want, it clearly shows that this game isn't being made by Bethesda but a separate team.

Anthotis1677d ago

They won't have a choice.

Once the hardcore TES subscribers get bored after 2 weeks, they will lose money quickly if they can't keep a decent playerbase, and very few people are gonna pay to play a generic fantasy MMO when there are loads of them that are F2P.

xPhearR3dx1677d ago


Well that's your fault for choosing Xbox over other platforms. You can't blame Zenimax/Bethesda for XBL requiring gold to play their game when other services do not.

If you don't have enough time for an MMO than obviously this game isn't aimed toward you. Even if you did but wanted to play other games, you can always not pay for a month, enjoy the new releases, and once you beat them go back to ESO.

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pandehz1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I agree.

SWTOR is a much much better game with a lot of content.

This is just a Skyrim like feel with an MMO bitch slapped on it.

Like others below said and also in my opnion, GW2 model is spot on. I play it and so do a few other million.

Reminds me mildly of KOTOR fans tho. They wanteed KOTOR 3 and got a half decent mmo that is now quite good. Here Elder Scrolls fans wanted TES6 and they get a half baked TES experience but it doesnt feel too good. SWTOR atleast is quite good.

joab7771677d ago

How can u say that? The beta is early on and swtor failed initially b/c of lack of content. We have no idea how much content ESO has right now or how much it will have in its first year.

sYRes1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Yes the best F2P format is used in GW2. Why can't other companies follow there model. Its perfect, If you want to spend money you can but its not crammed down your throat.

Dudebro901677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

They should do the guild wars model. Id buy it if there wasn't any monthly fee

joab7771677d ago

Do u know how much money a month the hardcore crowd spends on GW2 every month. I have a friend who spends $200+ a month on it. How do u think GW2 is able to keep a big team and continuously put out new content? Its a business first. It doesnt rely on initial sales forever.

cleft51677d ago

Thats the point though. The hardcore crowd spends a lot of money on the game and everyone else just pays the initial price of the game and gets to have fun. That's why the Guild War 2 model works. Their model is essentially free to play, but you buy the game first and get access to premium content upfront.

desertpunk861677d ago

how come nobody wants to take on the guild wars 2 model is it too risky or are they too greedy.

joab7771677d ago

Its because it is very risky business wise. It means that after initial sales, u rely entirely on in game sales to keep going.

Swtor didnt fail b/c ppl didnt want to pay a monthly fee, its b/c no one would pay the fee to play an endgame with little content.

DCUO is a great example. It went f2p to boost the base...but its only able to keep making content b/c of the money that ppl spend in game...and for many its $100/month or more.

Paying 15/month to have the privilege to play everything is the best model.

Chrono1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Guild Wars 2 has microtransactions just like all F2P games. Personally, I'm not against microtransactions as long as they don't give players a huge advantage and if the game can be enjoyed without them.

Agent_hitman1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

They should adopt the F2P bandwagon. Just look at MMO videogame companies these days, they earn at micro-transactions rather than monthly subscription. So the outcome is, they have thousands of active subscribers playing their game everyday, plus the Ads, it's also the source of profit for them.. So why not adopt it?

TedCruzsTaint1677d ago

Once they milk the hardcore fanbase for the first year or so, yeah, I see it going f2p.

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