Bound by Flame: Classes, Release Dates and Screenshots

Looking like the unholy hybrid of Game of Thrones and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Spider Games’ Bound by Flame is an upcoming title which definitely merits a look. Revealed not too long ago and with both a trailer and press release covering the story and new details, this new release promises an epic fantasy saga with choices and side-quests galore.

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Meltic1730d ago

FInally a good RPG tease Before the witcher 3 :)

1730d ago
Evilsnuggle1730d ago

Bound by Flame looks great i'm going to buy this game looks like a wicher clone . With more crafting I love deep crafting system in game.

Somebody1730d ago

Their first game, Mars: War Logs, felt like The Witcher 2. Not exactly but it does gives off that feeling. It was a decent game although a bit unpolished.

And just like what CDP did to The Witcher, Spider made a second game that looks far better than their first attempt. A pretty amazing jump for a small dev.

MegaSackman1730d ago

I really liked Orcs and Men so i'll give this one a chance.

BitbyDeath1730d ago

Will buy this if it has splitscreen.

kingdom181730d ago

Great! RPGs are always welcomed. Now I'm just wondering when we will get Natural Doctrine.

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