iOS/Android Injustice: Dream Characters Roundtable (Part 1) carried out a series of polls on Facebook to see which characters the fans would like to see on future Injustice: Gods Among Us installments. WASDuk's Chris Patton writes:

"Andrew Ryan Singer and Antonio Hordista teleport into the Watchtower today in order to help WASDuk and its fellow Injustice fanatics kick off this week’s Dream Character series. The team has combed through the millions of demands from fans that they have for DC/NetherRealms. Andrew Ryan Singer has helped develop some great polls and ideas, and Antonio Hordista has taken on the artistic duties of bringing the fan’s dreams to life. Thus, WASDuk proudly presents, in Roundtable format, part 1 featuring Poison Ivy, Classic Batman, and Classic Superman."

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CursedHero1682d ago

Poison Ivy would be a fantastic addition, no?

1681d ago