PvZ: Garden Warfare Devs Drops More DLC Hints, New Peashooter Variant Possibly In The Works

MP1st - In what seems like daily teases for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare’s first DLC, out some time this month, PopCap marketing manager, Gary Clay, has once again hinted at what’s to come.

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Santana1731d ago

Although I'm not a fan of the Peashooter classes, I hope this means the other Plant/Zombies classes are getting a new variant in the near future.

lemoncake1731d ago

Deciding if to play this or titanfall is a harder decision than it might at first look, its just crazy good

Santana1731d ago

I'll go with this, especially since DLC is about to drop very soon.

Grimhammer001731d ago

Its especially baffling of EA to put 2 shooter exclusives on xbone essentially against each other.

Im talking about the exclusivity or timing of launch. One of those should've been changed.

CursedMarkBlake1731d ago

So I'm taking it that this game will never release on PC and if it is where is the news on it, I still want this game

Santana1731d ago

Don't worry it's still being released on the PC, it's just that they are trying to release the first DLC for the game before they do.

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