Konami Reveals Reversible Cover For Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Konami has revealed that MGSV will come with a reversible cover in North and South America, featuring the iconic artwork of Yoji Shinkawa.

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imtheman20131774d ago

Yes! I am so glad that this is coming to the States! Such beautiful artwork, and I can definitely guarantee that I will be "reversing" my box art ASAP.

moujahed1774d ago

Crap! Now I feel compelled to purchase the disc instead of the digital version

imtheman20131774d ago

I mean, unless you are just trying to go all digital or something, there's no reason to not get the physical copy now. Especially since both are the same price, minus sales tax of course.

moujahed1774d ago

@imtheman2013. I use to be against digital copies but I love having it on my HDD to boot up right away. Only disc game I have is Fifa14 everything else is digital and I love it. Plus with the disc you have to install the game anyway much like a PC. BTW the digital copy of PS4 is 39.99 plus tax so would be almost 45$ where the digital is 29.99 flat. I was always a fan of Yojo Shinkawa's art so I may drop the extra dough for that but I'm on the fence since my girl wants me to save $

imtheman20131774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


The physical copy now, in the US at least, is only $29.99. And I bought it with my Amazon Prime sub so it was $29.99 flat.

But I agree with the convenience of digital, but I'm a sucker for box art...

EDIT: Here's the Amazon link:

moujahed1774d ago

Oh crap @imtheman

Question if I order it now will it come by the 18th? I never pre-ordered games online to be shipped. I would be kinda upset if I get it the next day or later.

imtheman20131774d ago


Yes, if you ordered it now, you could get it on the day it's released. Just select whatever shipping option it says under "Want to receive this the day it comes out?" If you have Prime, then it's free for release day delivery.

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GasTankKiller1774d ago

I may just buy the physical over the digital version now.

Chaos_Raiden1774d ago

Awesome. I hope they will do the same thing to MGS5: Phantom Pain as well.

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