PS4 is Available Again on Amazon, Easily Pushes to 1st Place on Best Seller Ranking

The availability of the PS4 has been a tad spotty in the United States lately, but if you want to purchase the console without being forced to buy large bundles with a lot of added baggage for the benefit of this or that retailer, you’re in luck, as Amazon has the stand alone console back in stock.

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Sammy7771776d ago

pretty obvious . It is suply constraint but when available, it will outsell competition since it has a much higher demand

Will be interesting to see how much PS4 sells when MGS and Infamous are launched

Thatguy-3101776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Or how much infamous second son and mgssell with all of the demand that the ps4 is getting

Unreal011776d ago

There is so much demand for this console, and with Sony's first AAA exclusive since launch just around the corner, demand will continue to grow.

It's nice to see, been thoroughly enjoying mine since launch.

bigfatty1776d ago

Unless Sony is increasing their manufacturing capacity it is hard to see how the PS4 will get a bump in sales when Infamous is released since Sony is already selling just about every single PS4 they can produce the day they arrive on store shelves.

stuna11776d ago

One would have to wonder if Sony held back some of their supply just to make sure MGS and Infamous SS enough PS4's to go around, and this is possibly the reason why there was a drop in sales!?

Eonjay1776d ago

This is really great to see. I am so glad that the console gaming is alive and well.

bigfatty1776d ago

> and this is possibly the reason why there was a drop in sales!?

PS4 drop in sales? There has been no PS4 drop in sales other than the usual post launch decline in sales in Japan.

Hopefully you aren't referring to the fake vgchartz sales numbers.

morganfell1776d ago

First of all stuna, every console ever launched has a sales drop at almost exactly the same period. There was a good diagram over at Gaf going back several generations depicting just this occurrence. Despite this the PS4 is outselling everything and is far beyond Sony's initial hopes/estimates of 5 million by end of quarter.

Second the sales drop that we have noticed in the US doesn't account for the supply constraints. Sony had reserved a great deal of production for the India launch in January and the Japanese launch in February.

abzdine1776d ago

PS4 sales are right now "hurt" by the face that there too much demand compared to what's on stock everywhere.
it's a good problem to deal with from Sony's side cause they are sure to sell every console they produce.
now imagine what would happen with when inFamous hits the shelves cause so many people are waiting for it to come out. Same goes for MGSV.

SardoNumspa1776d ago

Sales drop in the US???

The PS4 sold just under 300k in January.
The PS4 sold just under 300k in February.

Since the launch month of December, Sony has been crushing the XB1 in the US.

The PS4 has sold just under 600k in the first two months of 2014.
The XB1 has only sold about 380k in the first two months of 2014.

Sony is outselling Microsoft by 50 percent in the US alone in the past two months.

Withdreday1775d ago

"This is really great to see. I am so glad that the console gaming is alive and well."

Yep, and consoles will be over taken by smartphones and tablets they said...People are so clueless.

Gamers were clearly just waiting for new hardware, and with the PS4 being the best of the two systems, they're selling like hotcakes.

morganfell1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

BTW, here is another sales number to think about. I just looked at the cumulative video games sales on Amazon for the month of March as of March 15 at 8:37PM. This includes both hardware and software sales totals for the first 15 days. The PS4 is at number 1. The closest X1 is the Titanfall bundle at number 11. There are no other X1s in the top 20. Of the top 10 slots, 7 of those are Sony products. So for those people that were thinking the few days before launch would show a massive surge of X1 purchases that would over whelm the didn't happen at Amazon.

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faysal1776d ago

watch how VG going to put ps4 at a -again this week lol.

Sammy7771776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Those are all guesstimates. I am hearing that SONY is planning to ship around 200,000 consoles across the PAL terirtories by the end of this weekend just to make the headlines.

US could still be a close fight and can still go either way but rest of the world is all Sony

bigfatty1776d ago

Thankfully Sony is putting out regular actual PS4 sales numbers so the kid at vgchartz must be absolutely hating life. It's been two weeks since the PS4 was over 6 million and it has been selling at about 1 million a month worldwide so it should be about 6.4 million this week.

T21776d ago

@bigfatty - while you are right that sony is exposing Vgchartz for the absolute joke it is, in a way the release of these numbers has allowed Vgchartz to do regular updates. Now I see the uninformed stating that Vgchartz is "close " with their numbers.. It's quite ironic really

GribbleGrunger1776d ago

Equally interesting is the fact 3rd, 4th and 5th place are taken by PSN store cards. That suggests a hell of a lot more people are signing up for PS+.

ZodTheRipper1776d ago

+ digital gaming
I think I bought 5 or 6 50$ PSN cards from Amazon since launch. Got 100$ still in my PSN account for MGS5 and inFamous is paid for, too.

Whiskeyjacked871776d ago

And rightfully so, I thought I was being duped into + but after only a few months I am totally satisfied and will not be looking back.

C-H-E-F1776d ago

Alot of used copies of titanfall for a day 3 release of the "most epic" game of all time... hmph look at Infamous and the PS4 doin their thing though. I haven't pre-ordered my infamous getting it digital, but sheeesh whew!

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corvusmd1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Wow this got approved fast.

Why is this comment getting downvoted? All I'm saying is that I was just looking at the pending articles, it had been sitting there for 10 minutes...then all the sudden boom approved. Not sure why people are upset about that.

ruefrak1776d ago

Dualshockers has a posse for approvals. They are the local cartel in control of N4G.

Please Dualshockers people, don't hate me!!

stuna11776d ago

Need a tissue? I've got the scented kind or the kind with lotion!

You're getting down voted because everyone knows that right now your blood is boiling at the fact that hope of TitanFall's total domination are a bit premature! And the demand for the PS4 is still high as ever.

MysticStrummer1776d ago

"Why is this comment getting down voted?"

Maybe because it's completely off topic?

Just a wild theory.

MRMagoo1231776d ago

spot on lol

OT nice to see PS4 completely dominating world wide as usual. I am proud to say i got Sony 5 sales yesterday in my local EB games lol one guy asked the manager if he can get an xbox now because he has the money, i had a few words hes now put money on a PS4 that he has 2 weeks wait for instead lol. Some people where just put off from the xbone just because of the convo me and the manager where having and have also pre ordered the PS4 for next fortnights shipment. I feel I may have earned some karma stopping ppl from making a mistake.

On another note about returns of titanfall, the EB i go to have had 53 returns so far for various reasons but the most prominent was that they didnt realise it was online only, EB is now telling all customers that it has no offline mode.

mkis0071775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

magoo you make me feel a good way.

and that thing about returns is crazy!

kevinsheeks1776d ago

ps4 is the only console I want sadly income doesn't allow for it just yet but soon ps4 soon :P

king_george1776d ago

Unreal levels of demand :o

Idk if i've ever seen something like this. PS4 is smashing records left and right

Eonjay1776d ago

Final Fantasy X in 2nd place. Does anyone think it will outsell the combined copies of Lightning Returns on PS3 and 360?

Unreal011776d ago

The sad truth is that this is the kick up the backside Square Enix need. Somehow I could still see them announcing a FF13-4 haha.

RiPPn1776d ago

I know I'm buying X and I didn't buy lightning returns, I'm only 1 person, but me thinks I'm not the only one.

MRMagoo1231776d ago

Because 13 and all its sequels are trash , i would be buying 10 as well but i still have my original PS2 copies and my PS2 along with 10 part 2, so there is no need. I would recommend south park the stick of truth as the rpg to get at the mo rather than any of the 13s.

Hicken1776d ago

Odd. I've got X, X-2, the collector's edition X-2 guide, a PS2, XIII, XIII-2, want to get LR, and I'm STILL getting X/X-2 for my Vita and maybe PS3 later.

mkis0071775d ago

Stuff like this is what we need to possibly get a new exclusive from SE

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