Why We Need More Gay Characters In Video Games

"A couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft Montreal lead writer Lucien Soulban took to the Ubisoft Blog and, in the course of a Q&A about his role at the studio, shared the view that we’re unlikely to see an LGBT character take centre stage in a triple-A game anytime soon. He explained that fears of damaging sales would be the main stumbling block in securing support for a homosexual protagonist, asserting that until publishers were convinced otherwise, a gay lead is likely to remain a pipe dream. It’s worth mentioning too that Soulban is openly gay."

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Abriael1731d ago

What about just more well written characters, regardless of their sexual orientation?

MaxwellBuddha1731d ago

In my opinion, developers should just leave their protagonist's sexuality a blank slate so that the player can better self-identify however he/she wants to with the character.

Problem solved. Master Chief is now gay. Happy? (not speaking directly to you, Abriael. It's more of a rhetorical question)

Allsystemgamer1731d ago

Well...he doesn't understand human connection so how can he be gay/ sexual at all?

thekhurg1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I agree. I won't play games when they start forcing me to roleplay a gay character. Just let me roleplay the character I want, don't force lifestyles I don't agree with on me.

maddskull1730d ago

first of all we dont need gay characters. they dont affect anything it ctually hate it when there is a gay character. all characters are the same there stories just differ so no need for gays

shaenoide1731d ago

how can you have a disagree with that -_-

JsonHenry1730d ago

Because some people want to FORCE you to be gay or celebrate it. (in a game in this case)

I agree with the OP though.

SnotyTheRocket1730d ago

Well I don't think they should make characters gay, just to have a gay character. Take Green Lantern. I heard rumors that they where going to make a movie or comic (can't remember which) where Green Lantern would be gay. I mean, sure, if it FIT with the character, that's okay, but don't do it just because.

Edsword1730d ago

You are right, most games don't even need to bring up sexual orientation and the ones that do not need to force you into a role of a homosexual. I was in California last week, one of the most gay friendly states and I was out and about in LA. The whole time I was there I saw plenty of straight couples holding hands everywhere. I thought it odd that I did not notice even 1 gay couple. They are a very small percentage of our population. I am sure I passed quite a few homosexuals, but my point is this, it is not the norm and it does not need representation in every videogame, sit-com, and movie. Why don't we have more articles about lack or Hispanic game characters that don't fit social stereotypes? I would rather see a game with a strong black protagonist.

N4g_null1730d ago

Welcome to adult gaming! Let's get this party started.

Christopher1730d ago

In the end, the _only_ reason we "need" more gay characters is because the creative minds behind the games want more gay characters in their games.

The decision over relationships in games should come solely from the creative minds and not from the few voices who demand it on a regular basis. If it's something they see as being of such importance, they should make their own games with their own characters.

I appreciate developers who are a part of the LGBT group of society and how they bring their personal experiences in this regard to their games.

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Eonjay1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I really think its a bit overboard to overtly insert gay characters just to have them there. Naughty Dog did an exceptional job in The Last of Us because the gay characters weren't paraded around and it was even easy to miss because the clues weren't integral to the story.

Its like Delsin in Infamous. He and his brother are Native Americans. But I'm glad to see that Sucker Punch hasn't made a big deal about it like somehow they are heroic for having a non white hetro male as the lead.

morganfell1731d ago

A smart, yet succinct reply to this issue. Bubbles.

staticdash221731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Can we just have good characters? Look at Ellie, a well written character that's pretty much into the ladies, She's a good character first and foremost, that just happens to be like that. There wasn't really any shock value, and I think some people just want the shock value.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1731d ago

lets just make the entire world gay. is that what youer all aiming for??
are gays feeling left out?

ChickeyCantor1731d ago

Well the ignorance is strong with this one.

Allsystemgamer1731d ago

It has nothing to do with ignorance. These gay articles are Seamlessly crying for gay attention. Personally I'm bisexual and I find these getting annoying.

Sexuality doesn't and should t matter.

Ellie being gay is awesome. So what. As a bisexual male I understand the written narrative. Although had she been male and me in my teens I would had totally done for her personality type. Regardless of sexual preferences. ...who cares

ChickeyCantor1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


Being gay isn't exactly a trivial thing everywhere. And games, no matter the genre, still reflect on reality -a lot-. No one is saying the characters should be a flamboyant power ranger who runs around in tight suites with a hipster scarf around his neck. Who screams "look at me I'm gay".

Gay heroes in video game can empower our state of reality and make people understand that no matter what you are gay people are no different. Again no one is asking for these characters to force their sexuality down your throat. It's about highlighting reality.

How else would you try to give it attention if not by writing an article about it? How will you convey the message if you just sit silently doing nothing?

Damn right PSN-JerzYz was being ignorant. Because no one is trying to make the entire world gay. It's exactly that kind of sh/t I read here on n4g when it comes to gay issues.

HighResHero1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Maybe if you can be a bit more tolerant of other people's perspectives they will hear you out Chickey.

Lolrus1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I have noticed the rise in 'gay affirmative action'. How can one group of people fight for equality yet get exceptionalism as we see with obscure athletes 'coming out' and becoming overnight celebrities and 'heroes'. Garnering heroic status, endorsements and fame for asserting that they enjoy having sex with someone else of the same gender? Nowadays it is simply used an easy publicity tool.

Rather then shove homosexuality down peoples throats, the need for better characters and improved storytelling is needed in games then portraying some token heroic gay role model.