Will We Really Keep Our Digital Games Forever?

It seems in this next gen more than ever Microsoft and Sony want gamers to buy into the digital age of games. As more and more gamers jump onboard it begs the question. What happens to my digital games at the end of a console's life when online for that system is shut down?

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papashango1731d ago

not if you buy em on console

Sly-Lupin1731d ago

Dunno why you're getting disagrees for this.

Sony pulled the biggest anti-consumer move re: digital distribution this generation with the PS4 not being compatible with digital PSN, PS1, PS2 or PS3 games.

LordMaim1731d ago

It's not like the Xbox One is backwards compatible either. Sony was the *first* to provide backwards compatibility on a console with the release of the PS2. People have just gotten used to a feature that didn't exist not that long ago.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

i hope. thats all im gonna buy this Gen, Digital im readyy..

but if not thaats fine to, torwards the end of this gen ill just stop by Gamestop and pick them up for cheap preowned ;)

voodoochild3461731d ago

People like this ruin gaming for everyone. Smh.

Sly-Lupin1731d ago

Prepare to be bitten in the ass for it, like everyone who went mostly-digital last gen.

Summons751731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

No, many years in the future when Sony doesn't support the Ps3 and it's version of psn and your Ps3 dies guess what you won't redownload!

MS has already pulled games off the XBLA and when you go to delete one of them to save some space it warns you that you WILL NEVER be able to redownload it.

Sony is forcing everyone to rebuy all their Ps3 games with PSnow and and both companies don't even allow you to have backward compatibility on retail or digital games and only a few PS3 arcade games got an upgrade for PS4 but I doubt they will do it for the majority.

Heck, even Steam says they have they can shut down at anytime and you won't be able to access anything anymore in the TOS.

Digital Download = never fully owning the product

dragon821731d ago

Sony isn't forcing anyone to do anything with PS Now.

Summons751731d ago

You have to pay for service aka pay for the games you ALREADY OWN.

Everlastingfate1731d ago

I think dragon is saying that you don't have to use the service if you don't like the terms and conditions,

dragon821731d ago

If you decide to pay for a rental service to play games that you already own then that is "your" choice. Not Sony forcing you to do it. They are simply offering the choice to you. The problem is that people think if they buy a game on PS3 then they should be entitled to all future versions of that game for free. It doesn't work that way. Deal with it.

PeteyMcPickle1731d ago

Nope. And that's exactly why I never have (and never will) buy any retail game digitally. With indie games you have no choice, which is why they're only exception.

1nsomniac1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

No of course not! Welcome to the corporate digital age.

Everything we do these days revolves around giving up money as well as ownership & possession.

We give people hard currency & get 'e-vouchers' instead of cash currency back. We pay for music and get electronic mp3's instead of a real physical cd.

We buy games & instead of being given them we're given access to download them from the ether where the same 1 copy is available for everyone else to download as long as they've handed over their money as well.

All of these things just created in electronic clouds & servers that will all be wiped clean at some point. They will be gone forever but will you then get your money back or receive a hard physical copy of it instead... no!

Corporations have found a way to not loose any money in their own processes but then take other peoples money away also without actually physically giving them anything.

Same when countries are in economic crisis & they start launching "cash my gold" campaigns. Just a coincidence that they never have them at any other time other than when you're in a recession. This is because if things fall through then the cash they've given you is worthless because it's a made up currency only the gold that you just gave away to them will.

It's hilarious really!

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