Ludicrous propositions that Microsoft’s Xbox One is ‘finished’

Adnan Riaz discusses the ridiculous nature of suggestions that the Xbox One will soon face its demise.

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Fireseed1682d ago

Wait! People are actually take those talking about the Xbox Ones demise seriously?!?!? O_O

Here I was assuming we were all kind of using it as a litmus test to see who has the IQ of a paper weight...

AC2020x1682d ago

Whats a paper weight? Sounds like fancy talk for an xbone. haha

cyguration1682d ago

Yeah I don't know what that guy's on about.

I've never heard of a paperweight. In the meantime, I just got a new Xbox One and it keeps my folders in place quite nicely. It's a real visual treat for the table supplies.

ScubaSteve11682d ago

wait a minute what has happen to Soja Boy

mike32UK1682d ago

I genuinely thought the title meant that the "artist" ludicrous was stating that the XB1 was finished ha

PoSTedUP1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

lol. i honestly thought it meant it's ludicrous to think that the X1 wasnt rushed, and that it's not 'complete'- hardware-wise. >_>

Eonjay1682d ago

I honestly don't here anyone saying that the Xbox One is finished. I only here it from people beating a dead horse. Its like a rebuttal against fanboys which is a waste of time.

nerdman671682d ago

Xbox One is actually selling pretty well. PS4 is selling more, but that doesnt make a difference.
Both consoles are doing well, one will spike, the other will spike, once people calm down we can all get back to enjoying our games and stop with all of this nonsense back and fourth.

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The story is too old to be commented.