Dark Souls II - Stat Tracking Site is Live

Dark Souls II gives a whole new meaning to the word “Death” but how do you perform compared to the other players? Bandai Namco Games and From Software are proud to offer you a brand new connected website including real-time statistics including Total Deaths, Most Deadly Areas, Preferred Inventory and many more!

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BelkingOfSony3480d ago

Tracking total deaths of friends will be fun. Would be surprised if someone is able to finish the game without dying.

Grave3480d ago

Haha, that sounds like one of the toughest challenges in all of gaming!

Palitera3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

What if they had put a reward for this in the game?

"What if..."

Keh heh heh heh heh...

ShowGun9013480d ago

hear about the two items? one for not dying throughout the entire game, and the other for not using a bonfire? they make your weapons invisible... if i see people online with invisible weapons, im bowing down, simple as that LOL!

Palitera3480d ago

- The invisible man is here!
- How can you tell?!
- I'm not seeing him.

My guess is that when you know they actually DO have a hidden weapon, you won't need to *want* to bend over...

YoungPlex3480d ago

It's tougher than I expected! I thought that I'd be able to jump in and coast through with all my experience but no it's hard. I think that this is a cool little edition to the game.

xHeavYx3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

4.5M deaths and 113,810,194,501 disappeared souls so far... Sounds about right.
EDIT: And that's just PS3

Palitera3480d ago

113,810,194,501 souls lost.
4,500,445 deaths.

Each death costed, in average, 25,288 souls.

Scumbag souls.

Summons753480d ago

lol Sounds about right, I don't remember how many time in the game so far I've gotten about that many but kept saying "just want to make it to the next bonfire" to die and get so stressed being careful I end up screwing up. Happened in Demon Souls a lot as well. "just have to beat the next boss"....

Ah the fun mistakes =]

Salooh3480d ago

It says 17,000,000 deaths in the game

Cam9773480d ago

how do I check my own stats?

Ducky3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

... it says nearly 5000 players on the x360 cleared the game, but on the PS3, only 5 players have done it.

That... doesn't.... what?

Grave3480d ago

Site is fairly new, perhaps they need an update.

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10 Most Peaceful Areas in Games

Here are the most peaceful areas in games that are otherwise quite violent, offering players respite from chaos in the game world.

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Babadook756d ago

My first thought was the safe rooms in the resident evil series. When you hear that enchanting music you know you’re safe.

Killer2020UK56d ago

I literally just came here to post this. That music in the Resi 1 safe rooms is playing in my head.

Rimeskeem55d ago

I was thinking TLOU work benches. Although I remember one time where it was a false security.

closed_account55d ago

Perfect. 👌👌

I'd add the top of my highrise apartment in GTA Online. That calm, quiet peace, just knowing as soon as I step out that door I will be bombarded by 8 and 12 year olds calling each other n**** and f****, trolled by combat jets and rocket launchers.

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henbayward55d ago

The entire map of SotC is peaceful as hell. Used to just ride around exploring it.

mastershredder55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Afterlife in Cyberpunk 2077 is a peaceful area? Erm, hands down and very hard to miss, Misty Olszewski's Esoterica is the absolute epitome of peaceful areas in that game.

raiden_18855d ago

The "last of us" deer location i found to be a welcoming respite. It was nice to not have someone trying to eat me.

RPGer55d ago

Kingdom Hearts tend to present half peaceful areas and most of them are amazing.