C4 Engine Interview: Developing A Next-Gen Engine For PS4 And PC

"Next gen consoles are a special breed these days, despite being so familiar in so many ways. Their x86-based architecture ensures that PC developers have an easier time ensuring parity while developing for either the PS4 and Xbox One, but their unique architectures mean they have their own hooks. And while Terathon Software's C4 Engine might not be the first middleware company to take advantage of next gen hardware, it's certainly one of the few to work its way up."

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memots1682d ago

I approve this submission just to see "Death" coming around and downplay it once more.

Eonjay1682d ago

I think the x86 architecture of the new consoles will benefit PC gamers as well. When someone makes a game for the PS4, they are in fact making a PC based application. This will ensure better consistency between ports. Gone are the days when we saw sub par PC ports of console games.

Bodge1682d ago

Maybe, but I keep seeing more and more PC exclusives go to consoles and not the other way around. I don't like this trend one bit.

webeblazing1681d ago

thats dumb most console exclusives is owned buy the console makers. you wont see sony exclusives on xb or nin