[email protected] Titles to be Showcased Next Week

GDC is quickly approaching, and we have some [email protected] games to share during the event. As you may have seen, Chris Charla recently unveiled the latest wave of [email protected] developers and we’re excited about what these new updates will mean for gamers on Xbox One. So excited, in fact, that we’re inviting Xbox fans to come play them – next week!

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christocolus1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Finally..we get to see what these guys have been cooking up. Im not a big fan of indies though, ive purchased couple of them but im still yet to see that title that really blows me away.

On xbx 360 i loved geometry wars alot and a few others ,im looking to try out resogun when i finally purchase my ps4 all im glad the indies are still a part of ms plans. Great job Charla.

AngelicIceDiamond1679d ago

@Chris Yeah I've never been into indies also last gen. Arcade titles though, is a different story.

The indie scene has gotten 20X better and now I'm interested.

Nero13141679d ago

Geometry wars was DOPE. I still play it from time to time

MegaRay1679d ago

Check Oddworld games, I never believed they were indie lol

christocolus1679d ago

Ive always been a fan of oddworld games since ps one days. I agree they are great.

Convas1679d ago

MewGenics, please and thank you.