Five Reasons Batman: Arkham Knight Has Us Excited

Game Informer: Rocksteady is wrapping up its Arkham trilogy this year with the release of Batman: Arkham Knight. We’re all very excited to see more of the game – we wouldn’t have put it on our cover if we didn’t think it looked cool – but a few elements are particular standouts. Here are five aspects of the game that look especially interesting.

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GraveLord1704d ago

Cuz it's next-gen only. That's enough for me.

s1xt6en1704d ago

I'm just excited for the story telling. They did really great jobs with asylum and city.

LtSkittles1704d ago

Except someone else is handling the story, it's not being written by Paul Dini this time around.

s1xt6en1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Thank you for that info. This could be a game changer. I will just have to wait and find out. Bubble for you my friend.

DaleCooper1704d ago

Say it ain't so! That's some bad news :( I still believe in Rocksteady to bring us great gameplay, hopefully the story holds up.

Vandamme211704d ago

I cannot wait...this game is the reason why I'm getting a ps4.

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