Corporate Lifestyle Simulator Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "You’ll work through 27 levels, most of which unfortunately repeat with different layouts. There’s a finite number of co-workers to save, zombies to kill, and items to destroy in each level. Corporate Lifestyle Simulator lacks any integrated leaderboards using Steamworks, nor are there achievements to unlock. It just simply isn’t compelling for anyone to want to complete any or all of these objectives on merits alone. Early on, it’s entirely possible to just run around and find the exit. As you progress into the later half of the game, this becomes next to impossible due to the strength of the zombies, and your character’s fragility. Each level serves as a way of progressively unlocking new weapons as you’ll interact with special characters that will aid you on a mission, and like any trope involving zombies, die leaving you with a new weapon to use. Boss battles break up the monotony by giving you someone with massive amounts of health to kill, but most can be defeated by circle strafing to avoid most attacks."

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