The Monopolization of Sports Titles in the Games Industry

Developers in the games industry need competition to truly strive to make best sports game that they can. This is not always the case though. Ex. Madden, Ea.

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Shinobi1001676d ago

I have NEVER been disappointed with an EA sports game. That includes NHL on the SEGA Genesis, to NFL Street on PS2, to Madden on PS3. You don't realize how awesome EA sports games are until they don't come to your system. And since I only play handhelds, I haven't gotten much love from EA on 3DS or Vita

Krimmson1676d ago

I take it you haven't played NBA Live recently.

exnoob1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I'll take it as you've never played FIFA before.

TheGhoul11676d ago

I never said that they were bad games but they did disappoint me. The point is that EA does not care about its consumers to release a proper new product. They simply rehash the old years and if you want to play that sport game well you have no other choice because they have no competition.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

NHL 14 is awesome but prior to this one, the series was a joke. Each year they added a realism factor loose/break sticks, loose helmet, bodycheck a player onto the bench, stuff like that and made sure we knew these new things were in by overdoing them.

The GUI has always been fugly. The intro of a new game feels like a broadcast of the 90s.

If it wasn't a 20+ years series, I'd say they're doing great, but to me they look lazy, this game should be epic by now.

WPX1676d ago

That's why I say, competition is ALWAYS good.
Since companies try to one-up one another when making the next game. And the real winner is the consumer (even though everybody wins).

Akuma2K1676d ago

Exactly....competition benefits the consumer and the developers will always have loyal followers from the good products they put out.

knifefight1676d ago

I wish someone would make an NHL game on Vita. :(