New format war is 'unfair to gamers', says Nintendo exec

Pierre-Paul Trépanier, marketing director for Nintendo Canada, has told he believes it's unfair to "force" new technologies such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on gamers.

Speaking in an interview at the Montréal International Games Summit last week, Trépanier said he's not concerned that Blu-Ray will help shift PlayStation 3 units - despite the fact that PS2 sales were boosted by the console's DVD playback feature.

"When I'm buying a gaming system, I'm focused on the games; I want to play games, and I think that's the primary reason why someone would buy a gaming system," said Trépanier.

"I think forcing a decision on consumers would certainly not be part of Nintendo's strategy, because we want to get more people into gaming and we want to make it affordable. Forcing people to adopt a technology and a model that's proprietary and still not established is unfair to gamers."

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Groom4453d ago

When buying a games console, like he says, it's the games that are important. But who cares about the format??

When byuing a PS3 I get a BD-player on top of a console. Cool.

And if HD-DVD wins the format war? Well.. Maybe I won't be using my PS3 as a movie-player, but the games still comes out on BD-Discs, so what's the problem?

THWIP4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

1.) Sony is the ONLY one "forcing" a format on the consumers....something they've become an industry leader in doing.

2.) HD-DVD has NOTHING TO DO with games, so it was stupid to even bring it up.

3.) Nintendo hasn't even embraced DVD technology, which was established over 10 YEARS AGO. They have NO RIGHT to speak about what's fair to consumers, in terms of a media format....they don't even acknowledge a NEED for one.

Shadow4453d ago

I remember the public outcry that Nintendo tried to induce when it was known that PS1 was going to use CD's. Sony was "forcing" gamers to buy into CD's when carts were perfectly fine. Nintendo has problems innovating in formats.

The other thing being, that 3-4 years down the line, will BD-DVD be better for games than regular DVD? Probably.

videl4453d ago

hmmm, i think new techinic is better than old, if i want old technic i can play the nes. unfair ? its unfair that they sell the wii, althugh its the same as the gamecube.

Tut4453d ago

And release Twilight Princess on the Wii.

They should be kicked in the throat for making us wait that long and then screwing us in the end.

PS360WII4453d ago

It is un-nessasary for this format war to go to consoles. This is more of a movie biz thing. Dvd's are nice and cheap and movie makers don't like that cuz it stops the profit margin. Sony say's hey we'll get more people to move in on this with the player inside the ps3. MS says oh yea well we'll put in the other guy for our system. (Sure it's not for games now but come on, who we fooling here) Nintendo hasn't even jumped on the DVD becuase everyone has it and there isn't a need for yet another dvd player in your household. And no sony hasn't become industry leader with thier formats I don't feel I need to elaborat on that one

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