Sony must bring "The Last of us" to PS4

Insiderp :"a glorious PS4 port of "The Last of us" running at 1080p,60fps, would not only satiate the demand among Playstation fans but would help rekindle any lost love for the PS4 among the critics. "

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Sammy7771679d ago

who is up for LOU 1080p60fps awesomeness??

Raise your hands please!

Neonridr1679d ago

I would be up for it only because I don't have a PS3, so it would be my first experience with the game.

Sammy7771679d ago

I have it on PS3 but definitely would bite for a 1080p port. Once you play a full HD game on a good TV , it is hard to actually go back to playing anything which isnt full HD

PeaSFor1679d ago

would make sense to bring TLOU on ps4, all dem 360owners who migrated to ps4 need to taste that gem, and i would also buy it again in a heartbeat.

Thatguy-3101679d ago

It's a no brainer. I would be surprised if they didn't. The Last of Us is an amazing game and a lot of early adopters that bought the ps4 haven't played it. I've bought it so many times for other people I wouldn't mind getting it again for myself on the ps4. When the product has quality people won't mind throwing their money at it. It's a way to show support and gratitude. A lot of people will go for it.

SolidGear31679d ago

I think it's a given at this point. GOTY Edition with all DLC on disc for PS3 and PS4.

medman1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I would like to see it on PS4, but to be honest I think Naughty Dog is beginning to spread themselves a bit thin. Amy Hennig left or was forced out so who knows who from ND is taking over her role in Uncharted development. The Last of Us team is still working on multiplayer dlc for TLOU, a movie adaptation has been announced for that game and Neil Druckmann is going to be heavily involved in that project, plus that team will be working on TLOU2 or a new ip if they decide to go in that direction, and their other team (minus Amy)is doing Uncharted. I doubt ND would want to hire an outside firm to do the port for ps4, so where are they going to find the time and personnel to spare? I really don't see a 1080p 60fps port happening, but I do see TLOU being made available for launch of the psnow service.

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MrSwankSinatra1679d ago

i would re-buy GTA V, BioShcok Infinite, The Last Of Us, Dark Souls II if they were all on PS4.

Outside_ofthe_Box1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Wow all of those games came out within the last year. Seems like there's a real market for enhancements in games. I thought people weren't into the whole re-buying thing.

MrSwankSinatra1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Well they're some of the only games that have an actual chance of being ported to this generation of consoles, since they still have a generated interest. you won't see games older than those ported unless they are digital only or in some form of collection package like in example mass effect trilogy.

zeusky1679d ago

The prospect of TLOU coming to PS4 was one of the main reasons why I bought one. It will come to the console in some form eventually.

GraveLord1679d ago

PS4 is lacking in exclusives right now. I bet there are quite a few 360 owners who jumped to PS4 that would love to experience this game. Make it happen Sony!

Neonridr1679d ago

<--------- 360 owner that jumped ship

-Foxtrot1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

If they do then I think, in my opinion they would need to add a new DLC story on the disc which will make more people want it. You know to give some people that push to get it.

I say give Joel a DLC with a little bit more backstory to his character since Ellie has had one now.

Maybe one right after the outbreak in the 20 year gap with Tommy until they part ways or a one where Joel meets with Tess for the first time all away up to the point where the issues with Robert occur leading into the start of the main game.

importedsmack1678d ago

Maybe even a prequel to TLOU2 added to this HD port.

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