Hyper Light Drifter Trailer Shows off Some Pixelated Badassery

Muaz from Twinfinite writes: "Earlier today, a new trailer for Hyper Light Drifter was released and it shows off the game’s amazing art style. I never understood the gaming community’s infatuation with pixel art, but after watching the trailer and seeing how the developer, Heart Machine, has been using it to bolster the art design, I think I’m starting to get it."

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Godmars2901732d ago

What could have been is finally is...

3-4-51731d ago

It's like The Legend of Fez Bastion + awesome music.

imt5581732d ago

Can't wait to play this game! :)

Spenok1732d ago

Reminds me of Fez meets Bastion.

Clogmaster1732d ago

Holy crap. Animation frames look sick

Hanso1732d ago

this on vita

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