Top 5 anticipated games of April 2014 | Pure|News

The month of March is not even finished yet, and there is still loads of games that we’re yet to play like Titanfall or inFamous: Second Son. But that doesn't mean we can’t start thinking of the upcoming games that will arrive at our hands in April.

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greenyboi1680d ago

Yes been waiting for a goat simulator forever 😵

Relientk771680d ago

Goat Simulator better be at E3

1680d ago
1680d ago
iceman13461680d ago

dark souls 2 pc ?! come on

Geobros1680d ago

Poor the month of April except the Child of Time which I don't see in the list....strange!!

Month of May is more interesting with Mario Kart, Kirby Deluxe and watch dogs...

Rhezin1680d ago


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