Last Year's Xbox 180s Show The Strength Of Xbox One's OS Design, Says Xbox Director

Speaking exclusively to OXM in the very next issue of our magazine, out 18th March, Xbox director of development Boyd Multerer has explained how the Xbox One's operating system design made last year's "One-80s" on policies like mandatory online checks "achievable". In brief: if you want to build to last, build for change.

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chinlu1731d ago

well thank god they could change it because if they had to stick to their guns things would be a lot worse.

xHeavYx1731d ago

Wow, seriously? It's like they purposely add fuel to the fire, then people wonder why one makes fun of MS PR people.
They should just stop talking about anything that happened between E3 and the moment they decided to change policies

AngelicIceDiamond1731d ago

@Heavy Why does it matter?

Everyone in the gaming universe knows what happened.

Just think if it was 360 with those policy's. It would of taken MS a year instead of 6 months to reverse everything.

Its still an interesting read.

Naga1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

@ Heavy

You need to remember that their job is to participate in various interviews with different outlets. Those outlets will then report on what they say, and make stories and headlines off of what they think people will be most interested in.

It isn't like Microsoft published this article, or made this the undergirding theme of some address at a press conference. I think people have a tendency to lose perspective when they sees these provocative headlines, and think that's all that was said.

For all we know, this was one relatively innocuous response during a much larger discussion. I'm just saying... it might be helpful to keep that in mind when reading these sorts of things.

xHeavYx1731d ago

MS can choose what to say though. They can decline questions if they want. Lately there have been a few interview/articles where MS talks about the "180" issues

Septic1731d ago

Xbox One OS is strong with Flipswitch firmware 2.0

Hatsune-Miku1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Last Year's Xbox 180s Show The Strength Of playstation 4.

Microsoft reversed on all their core ideas for the xbox one because of the ps4

I remember a few of Microsofts lies about how xbox one can't work without kinect. I also remember Microsoft saying that they can't just flip a switch and reverse their drm policies on xbox one and some other lies.

I'm glad sony makes the best and most powerful console and didn't try all the anti consumer rubbish Microsoft planned on doing. The only negative I see with ps4 is that you need ps plus to play online multiplayer games. Xbl set a precedent last gen requiring people to play for xbl gold and fanat-X excused it so now sony adopted that rubbish idea.

Pogmathoin1731d ago

Microsoft achieves world peace..... On N4G, no doubt there would be a negative twist to it, such is the miserable attitude of the usual crowd here..... Then there would be Sony world peace 2.0. Of course guys I am crazy.... And Some here will still be posting Titanfall is MS last chance.... Approved by the usual dedicatedtoheavy crowd......

LexHazard791730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


Well said...bubble for you my friend!

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MysticStrummer1731d ago

It doesn't show the strength of the design.

It shows how full of it they were when they said they couldn't easily change things.

Flip dat switch.

Anon19741731d ago

Yeah..yeah.. That's what it shows! The strength of the design. That's the ticket!

DeadRabbits1731d ago

These M$ Snake Oil Salesmen will sugar coat a turd to get people to swallow it!

monkeyDzoro1731d ago

It seems they have learnt their lessons yet... Keep going MS.

PhilJowns1731d ago

Sounds like it will be an interesting article. Be interesting to hear what Xbox designer has to say on resolution gate. Maybe some DX12 info as well?

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