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Flya does a run-down of the top issues with the current generation of consoles, examining the top 5 problems with each of the consoles they've experienced and some steps on how to possibly prevent said issues.

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parentoftheyear1732d ago

Only own ps4 our of these three but I'm glad to say never had any of this happen. I did have games close with error code quite a bit before the last update though auprised to see that wasn't on there.

MRMagoo1231731d ago

I *fingers crossed touch wood rub Buddhas belly* havent had any problems once yet , no freezes errors crashes nothing lol.

UltimateMaster1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I own a PS4 and I've never experienced any of these issues.

It doesn't show us the frequency of these issues.

Eonjay1732d ago ShowReplies(3)
kewlkat0071732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Freezing I saw gamers worst mightmare..Some of the other stuff can be remedied.

Nothing worst freezing while gaming. I can deal with the other stuff most of the time.

In the case with the xbox ones kinect..well unplugged it if the experience is that bad. That hardware will get better with software updates and speech recognition will never be perfect.

Fusion_Ninja1732d ago

LOL The Xbox One's top problem is Kinect! Ain't that the truth, on multiple levels...

AgitatedOcelot1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Kinect, you are the incredibly clumsy counter intuitive controller...

That the system can't understand... Oh and you have the privilege of paying $100 more whether you want to be or not.


At least it does not freeze... ;)

Christopher1731d ago

From the article: "The most common problem associated with the Kinect is that sometimes it simply does not work properly—whether that is voice commands not being recognized, the motion sensor technology malfunctioning, or games that leverage Kinect for in-game play not being able to be played because of these issues."

Seems just as bad as freezing if the #1 fix they recommend is rebooting everything...

Boody-Bandit1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I don't even bother with Kinect anymore when using my X1. I have a triple panel display in my gaming room and I usually have more than 2 audio systems going at once. Kinect only hears and works for me if I mute both audio devices. It's just not worth doing all that when the controller works fine.

I tried repositioning it over top of the center display. Putting it under my center channel. On my center channel. I even put it on a stand and moved it close to my sitting position and nada. It only works if I have the room well lit and everything in the room quiet. I tried powering the X1 off and disconnecting everything like listed in this article. Still nada. So I basically gave up using it.

I don't feel like calling them and having to go thru some person (usually with an accent barrier) walking me thru step by step things I have already tried several times over. It would be nice if you could just call or contact MS and have them simply send you a new unit / device without playing step and fetch with them and on the phone for a prolonged period of time.

The only other problem I have with the X1 is since the last update my controller wont power off when I turn off the console by accessing it through holding the profile button in. The console powers down but the controller stays lit and burns battery life. So what I do is turn the controller off first and mute the devices in my room and try to get Kinect to respond to me.

I'm just hoping with future updates these things iron themselves out. If not I will eventually have to call their CS and see what they can do on their end.

Gozer1731d ago

My Kinect works fine for what I use it for. The only command Kinect really has a problem for me is "Xbox On". I don't know what it is about that one command, everything else woks great with Kinect.Its incredibly easy to go to a game regardless of what your doing by just saying "Xbox goto *insert game name here*.I like Kinect, I think its worth it. Skype,video editing tools, as well as Twitch are all good reasons to like Kinect.

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videgamenext11732d ago

Freezing on wiiu yes it happens from time to time

wonderfulmonkeyman1731d ago

Recent updates have entirely eliminated the problem for me thus far.

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