Rumour: Splinter Cell Conviction Going "Back to the Drawing Board"

Metal Gear Solid 4? Big deal, right? Look at the Xbox 360 line-up for 2008; it contains titles like Ninja Gaiden 2, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Gears of War 2, and Splinter Cell Conviction. Oh, wait, one of those titles won't be hitting this year after all. It appears that 360 owners won't be enjoying an espionage experience this year with Splinter Cell Conviction because the title is being taken "back to the drawing board" by Ubisoft Montreal.

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resistance1004506d ago

Ouch, now that's a delay, maybe the reports of it not being fun were true?

I hope the wait is worth it in the end

MikeGdaGod4506d ago

the way some people on here talk, you'd think the 360 never gets delays


expect them to copy alot of mgs4 into conviction.

for everyone tht ever said sam fisher was the spy of the decade....he just got owned by snake

tplarkin74506d ago

I beat AC and the ONLY good thing about it was the graphics and animation. The combat was utterly boring and repetitive. It didn't even feel like a game. SCC uses the same engine. I'm glad they realized the problem.

Silellak4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

Why did the title of this article not have the word "Rumor" in it like the original article does?

Oh right. Because it gets more hits that way.


Not saying the news in the article isn't true. It could very well be true. But if you're going to submit an article with the word rumor in the TITLE, then you damn well better include the word in YOUR title as well.

But then I guess N4G has never been the place for anything remotely resembling journalistic integrity. So carry on, I guess.

Auron4506d ago

Yeah I cant wait for Sam to be rolling around in a barrel and covering crotches. get real the two games are so different comparing them is stupid.

ravenguard884506d ago

I can't imagine who thought "HAY GUYS U PLAY A BUM WHO SHOOTS HOTDOG STANDS" would make for a good splinter cell game. Honestly, they need to push back to the original, or Chaos Theory. Double Agent was ok, but I hated that "between mission" junk. Give me traditional Tom Clancy: A briefing, get in, do the mission, get out, an after-action report.

If I wanted crowd-based action I'd play GTA. If I wanted urban shooting (a-la Double Agent) I'd play Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon. I play Splinter Cell because I like the challenge of remaining unseen. The stealth is what makes it fun, not the shooting mechanics.

gaffyh4506d ago

Woah Holiday 2009/Early 2010 is a massive delay, wtf is this Final Fantasy? lol.

I think they are going to put more of the stealth stuff back in, that's the only difference it had between MGS, Splinter Cell used to be very good and complex in the stealth area whereas MGS used a simple form of stealth.

radzy4506d ago

Ubisoft denies Conviction redesign

News by Rob Purchese
Today 09:07

Ubisoft has dismissed rumours that Splinter Cell Conviction is heading back to the drawing board as speculation.

The publisher was responding to a report in Xbox World 360 magazine that claimed the game was being redesigned because it wasn't groundbreaking enough, and had even been outdated by Ubisoft titles such as Assassin's Creed.

The rumours suggested that Conviction would go back into development and be given a fresh release date of Christmas 2009 - or even spring 2010.

Not so, said Ubsioft, telling Eurogamer the report is "pure speculation".

Splinter Cell Conviction was revealed last year at the Paris-based publisher event UbiDays. The 2008 show takes place next week.

The fifth instalment in the sneaky Sam Fisher series does away with all the gadgets and casts you in a fugitive role where you will have to use your surroundings to survive: blend with crowds, throw tables at ice creams at people, that sort of thing.

It hasn't been seen for a while, now, but pop over to our Splinter Cell Conviction gamepage for all of the information to date.

DARKKNIGHT4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )


eat some tomatoes, they make you smarter!

lol so what? hiding underneath tables, and ooooooooooo throwing chairs is equal to next gen gameplay? because thats better........LOL


its evident that this game sucks (just like the last couple of them) and is gonna be rebuilt from the ground up, heavily following the next gen barrier that mgs4 will BREAK. Notice i said FOLLOW. therefore following in the footsteps of a innovator and leader but never surpassing the genius behind mgs4.
ubisoft will copy alot of mgs4.....imitation is a form of flattery and sam fisher has lost its roots while attempting to become snake for the past 3 years. SO the comparison doesnt have to be forced its pretty apparent who sam fisher WANTS TO BE.....unfortunately for sc fans, he fails like a blind/mute bum at a shooting range.
Youve got to be kidding me if you cant tell this series was heading down the drains long before they mentioned using a chair as a weapon, to be the most exciting part of the game.

innovation owns sure kojima is laughing right now at sc being scrapped and sent back to the drawing board. At the end of the day theyre can only be 1 top spot, and kojima productions have that spot secured for a while to come.

dont believe me, you can witness it starting june 12th.
sam fisher got owned, and so did you right now. trade some of your bubbles for some tomatoes, youll be better off.

Tomdc4506d ago

lol which console is the delay station now?

misterssippi4506d ago

The original story is a rumor. Why is it up here like confirmed news. Fanboyism at its finest.

Auron4505d ago

I'm sorry but the only fool here is you. give me an official statement from Ubi that they've scrapped the project like YOU say. anyways your words don mean sh!t to me you sound like a idiot who worships games instead of playing them. grow up and eat some fish heads they make you smarter.

riskibusiness4505d ago

Assassins Creed used the Splinter Cell: Conviction Engine. Then Splinter Cell Conviction was put on ice to complete Assassins Creed. The Engine was further developed during this process.

I'm not exactly sure what good the current engine will do for the Splinter Cell franchise. I can see why, it may be overhauled. I wouldn't doubt it goes back to it's stealth/espionage roots.

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sonarus4506d ago

WOW. Looks like my SC hating was justified. End of 2009 sucks though. Wouldn't be surprised if a ps3 version found its way in too. If they are going to do splinter cell right, they should definitely put it out on ps3. I played all the splinter cells on playstation except for double agent so i hope they make it happen

In the end, taking that game back to the drawing board was the best decision yet. Not every idea works.

MikeGdaGod4506d ago

i'd bet it was hard for them to come with something unique that neither MGS4 or Assassin's Creed were doing.

i wonder if someone from the gaming press that played MGS4 went back and told them they'd better go back, start over and try harder.

Dark General4506d ago

Agree. I liked Assassins Creed alot i won't lie. And i like Splinter Cell but i didn't want Assassins Creed in my Splinter Cell which looked like how SC was heading. It sounded/looked like AssCreed with a Splinter Cell coat of paint on it and it was letting me down. Now after hearing this i have some faith in the next SC game.

Amanosenpai4505d ago

Yes lol, Kojima sent Ubi a copy of MGS4...

Kojima (post-it): Did u like it?

Ubi team: Fvck...¬_¬'

Bacon4506d ago

Well Surfer Girl told us it would get delayed because of how horrible it was. Maybe she was right after all.

Bonsai12144506d ago

i could have told you that based on the premise of the gameplay..

bootsielon4506d ago

Back to the drawing board? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Development hell? Oh no, Xbox 360 fanboys are gonna get mad. =(

Anyway, I did have high hopes for this game and I also hope MGS4 is a lesson for them when they are back in the drawing board, so that they can 1up the game. And I may sound like a fanboy, but I do think it's gonna be cost them beating a 50GB game with a DVD9, lack of HDD. Especially emphasizing on the word *cost*, since the game has been a long time in development already, and is back in the drawing board.

Then again, I don't know if it can be more expensive than MGS4, GTAIV and KillZone 2, which have been in development 4 years each, with budgets of 100 million, and more than 60 million for the later two.

004506d ago

Why must my heart be tortured, the should do a new game based on those other splinter cell agents.

permutated4506d ago

Better Ubisoft take it back to the drawing board than release a blemished, broken product like Haze, Lair or Vampire Rain.