New Below Xbox One details - more to follow "quite soon"

The long wait for new info about Capybara's enticing Xbox One roguelike Below may soon be over, though the game won't, alas, put in appearance at the Game Developers Conference next week.

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dirigiblebill1769d ago

Can't wait for this, or Super Time Force. Everything Capybara touches seems to turn to gold.

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Bigpappy1769d ago

Ok. It has my attention. Could be another fun game for X1. I will be paying attention to what else is disclosed. M$ seem to have chosen games for the X1 very carefully so far. I would say, as an early adaptor, that they have delivered some of the most varied and interesting games so far. I usually buy more multi-plat games, but have found the games hand picked by the folks at M$ to be far more interesting so far.

This could change later when Dynasty and The Division are released, but right now, the exclusive content is way stronger.

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AutoCad1769d ago

this looks interesting.

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