'Elder Scrolls Online' Exclusive: PvP Limits, PS4 & Xbox One, Level Cap And More

It's been a long time coming, but Bethesda's critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls franchise is finally being given the MMO treatment. We recently had a chance to sit down with ZeniMax Online Studios' Matt Firor, who is acting as the game's director, to ask about the title's development. began by inquiring about the 50 level cap, and what players can do once they've reached it.

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RamboRabbi1681d ago

I like the fact that they are focused on making their customer and service support the best it can be, the levelling system also sounds interesting.

KrisButtar1681d ago

Why can't these journalists ask the tough questions. Explain how Destiny, a 140 million dollar MMO game based with the freedom of play and exploration in mind, is a subscription FREE game.

This game I believe is targeted strictly at MMO players because they are the only ones who believe its OK to pay a monthly fee for forced DLC? The fact they are trying to make the game more mainstream like the regular TES games is where the backlash is coming from mostly and that is what they should address. If they quit marketing it towards the mainstream and only to MMO players all would be fine but they can't they want a piece of that pie too.