The Eternal Argument for Zelda U: Quality vs. Crass Consumerism?

It would be an enormous understatement to say that Nintendo depends on Zelda U.

This is going to be the biggest project the company’s ever made. This game is one of the only chances the Wii U has left of ever recovering. This is the kind of game that could literally make or break a whole generation, a game that could spell the life or death of Nintendo’s reputation.

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SpiralTear1770d ago

I don't know why the author is so terrified that the next Zelda will be bad. It may not be as good as A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time, but I doubt it'll be straight-up "bad."

After my childhood experiences with Wind Waker's art design, I've given up on judging any game by its art design before playing it. I learned the ramifications of that the hard way. The point of the matter is that the Zelda gameplay is likely to remain intact, which is a good thing.

If the problem of making a "mainstream" Zelda game without much of the artistic creativity persists, let them stick with the typical "Twilight Princess" realism style. The gameplay isn't likely to change too much because the game sticks to a realistic aesthetic. Besides, Nintendo is still adapting to HD design, so being too ambitious in the presentation is likely to draw some problems this time. Save the artistic creativity for the next Zelda.

Chrischi19881770d ago

That is because his taste of the Zelda series is a bit weird... I mean, I liked Wind Waker, but to act like it is the best and downplaying Twilight Princess in the same breath, is a pretty dumb. Twilight Princess was a great game, epic story, enough dungeons, good enemies, nice way to improve fighting skills, good items. Based on that stuff, it is Wind Waker which was inferior, but ok. I do not wonder, why they expect it to be bad, because it is a trend to hate on nintendo nowadays.

wonderfulmonkeyman1770d ago

I'm sorry, but I gotta say that in terms of items, TP was worse than Wind Waker.
There were several items that didn't see much use outside of their respective dungeons. Maybe one or two heart pieces/other collectibles, and then there was no real drive or desire to use them.[Spinner, for one]
Compared to Wind Waker, where nearly all the items would be useful going forward against a variety of enemies, TP fell short.
It also had far too much open space with nothing to do but travel through it; even the great sea had some barrel jumping and treasure chest hauling to do, with a shark attack or two thrown in for good measure, between hunting down platforms and submarines and other stuff.

Now, I'm not saying TP isn't a great game.
Despite its flaws I love the heck out of it.
But I can't rate it higher than Wind Waker at this point.

andrewer1770d ago

Well, nobody knows how this game will be, so I don't know what you talking about...I just know that Nintendo isn't the kind of company to turn their franchises to sh*t.

Technical World1770d ago

If Nintendo plans on Zelda being a system seller they need to westernize and modernize the Zelda series. I could live with more games just as they've been but if they want to expand the Zelda audience and make it a modern gaming giant it needs some updates. It should be a bigger open world and less linear first of all in the same way as Link Between Worlds was. Secondly voice acting is a must. A game with as deep as a story as a Zelda title with HD graphics and no voice overs is just silly in 2014. Imagine other big name series' without voice acting. Some things need to change as time goes on imagine reading dialogue in Metal Gear Solid because the 8-bit Metal Gear Games didn't have voice acting. Terrible excuse. It should also be more cinematic. Look at today's biggest games in the western market. Batman, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Call of Duty. They continue to get more and more cinematic with deep engaging stories. People like flashiness in games today and it is something Zelda needs to sell to the mainstream. And all of these simple things could be mixed into a regular Zelda title without hurting it. All they would do is improve an already fantastic franchise. Another addition they should really consider is some sort of online mode whether it be in the same vein as Assassin's Creed or GTA. If they could do that without taking away from the single player and manage to capture the essence of Zelda in an online multiplayer mode it could be the big thing they need to sell. It would show off the Nintendo Network at it's finest while showing they're serious about going online and as everyone has to admit having an online mode sells games. Look at every huge seller today. They all have some sort of multiplayer mode for the most part.

Activemessiah1770d ago

You lost me at "they need to westernize and modernize the Zelda series".

Some of us like Japanese games which are very Japanesy, the attempt to westernise games such as DMC was not a welcome sight and sales proved that... there aren't even enough Japanese games out there since most of them are not released in EUR/US. I agree that Zelda needs to open up and explore it's world but without losing that essence.

Technical World1765d ago

My point wasn't to make it not feel Japanese or drastically change it but simple things to make it more mainstream. Skyward Sword was already a big step forward story wise. It was the most cinematic Zelda yet and if they could build on that they could make it a bigger, more epic Zelda that fans craze and mainstream gamers love. This doesn't mean changing the game. Neither does voice acting. Do I want Link to talk? If he did I would be furious. But I don't want to have to read what everyone else is saying I want to hear them say it. And a bigger open world that is truly open like A Link Between Worlds is something Zelda fans desire as well. My point was these small things can make a Zelda game more appealing to a wider audience while not changing the actual game at all in reality. Multiplayer is a little different but I still think if they did that and put the fun of Zelda into an online co-op or versus mode on top of a fantastic main single player experience we expect that it could push extra units.

SpiralTear1770d ago

"in the same way as Link Between Worlds"

This is the only thing that you typed that actually sounds like a good idea for Zelda U.

DC7771769d ago

Well it better look like that demo from E3 or Nintendo is going to get blasted to pieces by the media. I know that wasn't a gameplay demo but by showing it you have raised expectations to that level.