Club Nintendo post-play survey changes coming next month

A couple of notable changes are coming to the North American Club Nintendo site next month.

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admiralvic1680d ago

I'm glad to see Nintendo is continuing to make Club Nintendo in the US worse.

Between this, prizes getting a drastic cost increase, elite rewards going way down hill and physical items rarely being added... it's really starting to get to a point where they might want to consider killing it off. I mean, we're already at a point where a cleaning cloth costs 400 coins...

TruthbeTold1680d ago

I know right? Dropping post play survey support for Wii and DS is a nightmare! Oh wait...

I do agree with you though that some of the coin costs for some items are a bit much. But hey, it's free right?

admiralvic1680d ago

I was mostly talking about the Post Play Surveys being reduced to 30 days. At one point you had like 2 years to do them, then something like 3 months and now 30 days.

AsimLeonheart1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I recently joined club Nintendo and have been really happy with the free Pokemon I got. I dont know how it has been until now but I have noticed the high costs for small things. I saw this LoZ poster for 500 coins! That is worth registering like 10 3DS games and more than $400 worth of spending! Might as well just buy the poster from a shop...

GordonKnight1680d ago

They are really nice posters though. Also, the only way to get those posters is through Club Nintendo. You could get them on eBay for $50 plus, if you don't want to spend your coins.

MNGamer-N1679d ago

You know what the Yoshi cleaning cloth is great for, is placing it in your 3DSXL when you close it, so the screen doesn't get damaged with those two lines on each side. That's what I use it for anyway... fits in there perfect folded in half.

shamon1680d ago

club nintendo is starting to suck i miss the glory days

AJBACK2FRAG1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Nintendo is starting to suck I miss the glory days.

MNGamer-N1680d ago

I am sick of filling out these surveys. But I keep doing it anyway for the free stuff. Anything free is good in my book, I aint goona bitch about it.

kirbyu1680d ago

The intend to buy surveys are gonna be up for only a month instead of a year? Well that stinks.