Dark Souls 2′s ‘visual improvements all have meaning’

games™ sits down with From Software’s Tak Miyazoe, producer on Dark Souls II, to talk about the future of the Souls franchise

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christian hour1680d ago

This game could look like ass but if its anything like its predecessors it's going to be awesome regardless of visual fidelity :)

raWfodog1680d ago

I'll be happy if it looks just like Dark Souls. I'm just eager to play.

Muadiib1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I agree, the problem is it looks worse than Dark Souls 1, noticeably worse.

Summons751680d ago

Meaning as in people overreacting are acting like spoiled brats and don't know what the term "does not represent final product" means?

This is becoming a bad habit for gamers. It happened on the CGI announcement trailer for dead island and watchdogs now this a series that has always been known for putting gameplay and game design before visuals

For an industry that is supposed to be average of 20-35 for ages, most tend to act like spoiled brats. The game still looks great dispute some minor changes. The gameplay is still awesome which is what is important.

Grave1680d ago

Also, they went with the safest bet of going ps3/x360/pc to make sure the game has a good install base. Very smart for this game.

rdgneoz31680d ago

Dead Island was a CGI trailer. Watchdogs was actual game play... Early on "not representing the final product" is ok, but when you're close to release you figure you have the graphics down to the minimum it'll release at which you can show. Watchdogs is getting sh!t on because it was suppose to release in Nov, gets delayed at the last moment for "fine tuning", and now the what's being shown months after it's original date is a downgrade to gameplay shown several months ago...

As for DS2, look at the initial gameplay videos (you know, non cgi / what was actually running gameplay) vs what it looks like now.

Usually graphics and effects are suppose to get better as game development progresses to release. If a customer gets hooked on a game because it looks truly amazing in the beginning and then right before (or only find out just after) it's released they find out it looks noticeably worse, they might rethink their preorder...

It's not being a spoiled brat, it's about not wanting to be lied to. Show what does "represent the final product" when you open preorders up. If the game is going to look worse on release, covering it up or not saying anything makes it look like you're trying to deceive your customer. And who wants to give a company $60+ when said company tried to deceive them (hell look at MS' nightmare with the xbone).

Summons751680d ago

If someone is getting hooked on a game beacause of visuals then they should probably find a different hobby. They should be getting hooked on the concept o the game and the gameplay. Watchdogs stayed more or less the same just more GTA and Dark Souls has improved their gameplay since reveal so no reason to get upset. DrkS2 is a great game because of the gameplay and the gratification you get from completing something that may be difficult as well as discovering the story and lore. That's what fans have been hooked too since Demon Souls and will stay hooked too until the series ends or evolves into something else.

The changes in Dark Souls are minor yet your deciding that if the visuals aren't good than the game can't be good. That sad and selfish if you expect everything and anything to melt you're eyes with realism and you probably don't enjoy many great games and the ones you use too say are garbage now because they arent visually amazing.

LAWSON721679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

"Usually graphics and effects are suppose to get better as game development progresses to release."

On 8 year old hardware using new engines, I honestly dont see that happening. They probably got carried away with the new tech and had high hopes.

I must have played a different DkS1 because I dont think it looks better than DkS2. I honestly dont know how the original visuals were impressive nor have I seen any soul fan go "Oh man got to get the new Dark Souls so I can have better graphics." This game is not Watch Dogs and the visuals were never impressive to begin with

Rivitur1680d ago

What visual improvements? : P

Muadiib1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

All I know is the console version of DS2 looks noticeably worse than than the console versions of DS1 and considering From at one point even claimed the game would look similar to the original DS2 cgi trailer, it's a bit of a joke honestly.

Not that I believed them as I wasn't born yesterday but they kept going on about how much better the visual fidelity was going to be and that they had built a new engine to really push the gfx.

Also coupled with in game demonstrations of the console version and the console beta both looking sweet and a lot better than the finished article have together caused me to feel a bit pissed off right now.

The fact is though that I never intended to get the console version as I'm a pc gamer and so in a way it makes me feel better about waiting a month and a half, I do feel bad for console gamers that were duped mind.

If for whatever reason the pc version doesn't look at least as good as the earlier demo's of the game then I won't be getting the game until it's on discount, From can cut down the gfx all they want as long as they don't expect me to pay full price for it.

I will await the pc launch nervously and God help From if they don't at least deliver what they promised in that version.

thricetold1679d ago

It's ducks like you who aren't even interested in gaming that ruins gaming for those of us that actually like our hobby for the gaming aspects of it.

Devs spend needless time gimping the gameplay so people like you can praise the wind effects or exclaim in glee at how the shadows look so realistic.

Just like last gen most devs are going to give us either great gameplay mechanics with good graphics or great graphics with the standard same old same gameplay like Ryse and The Order(from what they've shown).

It's a pipe dream to think we can have both anytime soon on consoles. You console graphic junkies are killing the console industry and should just get a PC to fix your graphical needs.

You're interested in visuals so maybe try playing around with demo techs? All graphics for you to drool over and zero gameplay to hinder your graphics.

Muadiib1679d ago

I don't think so mate, I finished DS1 twice despite it's obviously low budget looks and I've been gaming for over 30 years so yeah...

The problem I have is that From really bigged up the graphical improvements this time and really didn't deliver, in fact the game is worse looking than DS1 which is unforgivable.

The fact is I am a pc gamer, I don't even own a console, I just feel for those that were duped on the poor console versions and I also fear for the pc version, that it won't live up to the original videos and claims by From.

You really misjudged me tbh, I will of course accept your apology.

Master-H1679d ago

Games like Dark Souls are just too awesome they even distract you from the graphics, i don't care if DSII looked like a potato, i'm still playing it all year.