inFamous Second Son Leading Titanfall In Social Metrics, EA Sorry For Not Bringing Titanfall To PS4

Industry insider Pete Dodd, also known as NeoGAF member famousmortimer reveals a few interesting tid bits.

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ArbitorChief1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

If you go on GameTrailers, there's a system in place that details which game is being talked about the most and Titanfall sits currently at 94 while Infamous SS sits at 84. Clearly more people are still talking about Titanfall. Judge for yourself:

And where's the source from EA? Didn't see any evidence EA said that.

gameseveryday1683d ago

It does not consider Youtube views, does it? According to the videos released, inFamous SS was seen more.

Hatsune-Miku1683d ago

I believe titanfall will be on ps4 by years end and by then if it does come to ps4 it will be in 1080p @60fps.

I can't wait for infamous second son

ArbitorChief1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Wait... You only consider 1 video and not the hundreds of thousands of Titanfall videos not just from EA, but from Youtubers... Titanfall would utterly destroy Infamous SS. In fact there are 1.5 million Titanfall videos compared to 21,800 videos of Infamous SS. That right there tells you Titanfall utterly destroys Infamous SS on social metrics.

1.5 million Titanfall videos to 21k videos of Infamous SS on Youtube... Titanfall is utterly destroying Infamous SS in terms of social metrics. You tally all those videos up, Titanfall would have more than 10x the views compared to Infamous SS.

NewMonday1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

view count is the important stat

Published March 7th, 4.7 million views

the best Titanfall’s could do was 3 million and it was the old E3 trailer.

top 5 inFAMOUSSS videos total over 16 million views
top 5 Titanfall videos total just 7.5 million views

pkb791683d ago

@new monday
Math and logic have no place on N4G :D

amiga-man1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

EA Sorry For Not Bringing Titanfall To PS4

Of that I have no doubt

Evilsnuggle1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Michael Patcher said that Titanfall is on xbox brand because of EA ceo wanted that deal. But now EA has pulled a Don Mattrick on their ceo and secretly fired him. Michael Pachter said EA made a huge mistake going xbox brand exclusive on Titanfall. Michael Pachter said that Titanfall will sell 500,000 x1 or less than that. Michael Patcher also Said that Titanfall is not even enough to close the sell gap between PS4 AND X1. PS4 and x1 was closer in sales this month But only in the USA. Worldwide PS4 is destroying x1 in sales Europe and Asia is not even close . PS4 is still in short supply and when the 360 version of Titanfall is released x1 sale are going to crash and burn.

Zool 081683d ago

@ amiga-man

If EA are sorry at anything, it's because of potential sales they would've made had they put Titanfall on both PS4 and 3

Charybdis1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

what about facebook likes
titanfall 887.733
infamous ss 444.297

Would be interesting to see a ps4 version and if they would have the same servers problem on a global base as microsoft does.

raWfodog1683d ago

@ Zool 08

Well, of course. What else would they be sorry for?

The article stated:
“Sony also used it’s own metrics in a meeting with EA last week and showed them what they would have sold on the ps3 and ps4. The money EA took from MS doesn’t even begin to cover it. The EA guys went over the math and agreed. EA is in full ‘We’re so f**king sorry, Sony’ mode currently."

PONTIAC08G8GT1683d ago

Why is it such a big deal that TF is not on PS4? I mean come on already. I don't see this kind of want for any other Xbox game but for some reason, PS4 fans are so upset/angry that TF isn't on their system. Exclusives exist for a reason. Maybe TF2 will be but give it a rest already, these articles are tiresome. I've never seen a game get so much criticism for not being on a competitors system. What makes this game any different than any other Xbox exclusive?

Charybdis1683d ago


Well it has high review numbers, is made by a third party developper and would be interesting to do a side by side comparison with titanfall on ps4 and xbox one, especially considering the use and so called benefits of Microsoft azure services. This is the game that would have been able to proof or disprove the advantage of microsft azure servers.

LightofDarkness1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

The sad thing is Titanfall is a great title with much potential, but without cross-platform support it will never gain the kind of marketplace position and following it probably should/would have. Snubbing the Sony brand will harm them this gen, if PS4 players had Titanfall right now you can bet it would probably sell twice as much as it likely will. There are 2.5 times as many PS4s and XBOs in peoples' hands right now and they are dying for something new to play. It wouldn't even have to compete with InFamous, they have fairly different target markets. I'm afraid they might have already missed the bus by the time the sequel rolls around.

This also means that Respawn themselves will likely bear much of the fallout from this because EA aren't terribly good at admitting when something was their fault.

creatchee1683d ago


"The sad thing is Titanfall is a great title with much potential, but without cross-platform support it will never gain the kind of marketplace position and following it probably should/would have."

You could replace Titanfall with the name of any good exclusive.

DarkZane1683d ago

If that article is right, this basically confirm titanfall 2 for PS3/PS4, or at least PS4.

sonarus1683d ago

lol all these fanboy tears over rumors and speculation. Why do you even care either way. If you want to support Titanfall or infamous vote with your $60.

UltimateMaster1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Are those metrics really relevant?

I mean come one.

They add up the amount of people that are talking about it, but not if they are talking good or bad about it.

I not the kind to think: "Any publicity is good publicity"

UltimateMaster1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


Youtubers, dude, the game isn't even released yet and Titanfall had a beta that both PC and Xbox One have been playing for a month now.

The Best that Infamous SS has is a few leaks of some gamers that got it early and Sony has been pro-active to take down Youtube video before it's official launch to not spoil the game before it's release.

PS4 hasn't even released the Youtube update yet. (Something some games had on PS3...)

Nope, Steve Balmer is not fired.
He just stepped down as CEO, but he's still on the board of directors making the important decisions.
They just switched people places, but they are the same people working there.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

not to sound like an a** h*** (but well, here i go), i m glad Titanfall isnt on ps4, its not the quality i would expect from a ps4 title. glad ppl are enjoying it tho, xbox gamers like thoes kinda fps.

as for views/popularity, who gives a s***, titanfall was thrown into everyones faces and hyped by MS and EA, they bassically threw all of their eggs into one basket. while InfamousSS gained most if not all of its exposure from just looking freaking awesome and word of mouth, basically.

DaCandyman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Lesson/Message/letter to all 3rd Party developers. NEVER!!! close the door on a console at the beginning of its life cycle... Unless his name is Nostradamus never follow early predictions. Hey Respawn/EA how did you manage to twist your foot that far to kick your own arse?

AceBlazer131683d ago

What makes this sweeter is despite the shit loads microsoft is marketing this game, despite the xbox fanboys screaming how fun it is the ps4 just drowns it all out. The ps4 hype train is still running and once you go against the hype your gonna get run over.

Was on twitter and so tweets along these lines 'finally got ps4 #swag'.There were multiple tweets like this,When you have those type of people backing your system, the trend followers, you know your safe.Looking at all this I realized something.Any exclusive launching against the PS4 will not only be competing against ps exclusives but the initial hype of the PS4 itself.Now it doesn't matter if Titanfall is good or not it chose to oppose PS4 hype. When march npd releases we'll see how that worked out for it.

scott1821683d ago

Infamous looks fantastic, very excited to play it! Glad it is getting a lot of attention :)

minimur121683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

@arbitor chief

there is one big difference though, Titanfall is out, and has had 2 betas on PC and Xbox one which had 2 million players, inFamous however has had only official gameplay videos and a couple of leaked videos.

did you not think of this when typing your comment out ?

Visiblemarc1683d ago


Not that I really care about this irrelevant story. However:

Check your logic.

Titanfall is out already, there are obviously going to be more videos out of it.

Also, this bickering is ruining gaming news.

mewhy321683d ago

I don't think Infamous sales will come close to what Titanfall will be able to get selling on PC, xbone, and Xbox 360.

kamisama1683d ago

arbitorchief u have a lil more to consider then that my friend like the fact titanfall is already out so there will be a saturation of uploaded gameplay just like there will be when infamous comes out also titanfall is pc xbox 360 and xbox one as infamous is only ps4 so if your going to point out that someone else is wrong dont be just as vague as they are

DragonKnight1682d ago

Wait, have we come to the point now where people are honestly arguing over which game has been seen and talked about more?

Absolutely pathetic.

Cyanide851678d ago

@Arbitorcheif Did u even consider the fact that infamous SS hasn't even released yet? So how the f**k could people be uploading videos of it on YouTube then?

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kiz26941683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

GDEX has been flawed ever since it was launched. Its a just rough estimate and its not very refined.

Arbitor [email protected] There talking about one youtube video, compared with any of the Titanfall videos, including there launch trailer and reveal trailer, none of them have the same views as this single trailer released for I:SS. Stop crying for your Titanfall. Poeple are more hyped for Infamous now that Titanfall landed quite softly.

mafiahajeri1683d ago

They weren't lying when they said the king is back...

ArbitorChief1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

1.5+ million videos of Titanfall on Youtube compared to 21k videos of Infamous SS... Yep, people are definitely talking and are more hyped about Infamous SS... Do the maths.

I know that, but I'm saying, 1.5+ million videos of Titanfall compared to 21k on Infamous SS clearly demonstrates on social metrics, Titanfall is destroying Infamous SS.

kiz26941683d ago

@ Arbitor Chief, its not the number of videos released, its the popularity of each video, many of the titanfall videos you mention will be rookie youtubers trying to get 1-10 views. The article is talking about the trailers coming from the developers, and in this case Infamous owned Titanfall in views.

Oago1683d ago

You know infamous isn't released yet so how can there be 1.5 million videos?

PONTIAC08G8GT1683d ago

I think there have been more Titanfall/PS4 articles than infamous/PS4, and only one of those games is coming to PS. Infamous might sell more copies than TF, but it's not generating as much hype or attention.

OpieWinston1683d ago established franchise
Titanfall it's first iteration coming from a team of experienced competitive shooter devs.
FB likes comparisson Titanfall wins.

Video views on the Playstation channel...Of course we expect to win. At the end of the day the game has got a large fanbase watching these videos...Not to be racist but Asians own Playstations and they do take up a good chunk of the worlds population.

You have to take into consideration all variables to make a claim...And the day I judge a games love by video views...That's the day I call Justin Bieber one of the most talented pop stars in the world... That day isn't coming anytime soon.

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legionsoup1683d ago

It makes sense that Titanfall is talked about more. It's out. People will be talking about it. Asking questions. etc.

Infamous Second Son isn't out yet. People can't get on and say things like "can you help me with this part?"

yarbie10001683d ago

Yes, a lot of people need to ask for help on how to play Titanfall....

Angeljuice1683d ago

@ Yarbie1000

You may think you're being funny but I have already seen articles on "How to play TitanFall." I suppose that's the price you pay for launching a game on a console marketed most prominently towards "Telly Addicts" rather than gamers.

Legacy2121683d ago

@yarbie yea too many people play it like a traditional FPS. I let my buddy try it and he was just walking on the ground scouting to find people. I had to remind him that he can run on walls and double jump. So needless to say he got [email protected] juicr... what? Telly addicts more then gamers. Okay friend. Where I professionalize the correct term to use for you train of thought it a delusion. A belief that is ultimately false but you believe it to be true despite the facts.

rdgneoz31683d ago

@Arbitor So you're saying more people use GameTrailers than YouTube? Most videos linked on N4G are youtube videos and a lot more people know about YouTube than GT...

GarrusVakarian1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

“Second Son – – Published March 7th. 4.7 million views.

“To find anything even close on Titanfall’s YouTube you have to go back to October

Just thought i'd post that. 4.7 million views in 2 weeks. Two.

But comparing an FPS with mass appeal on 3 platforms to a singleplayer only exclusive is downright ridiculous.

And about EA....i bet they are KICKING themselves over not bringing out TF on PS3/4. We all know how much EA loves money...and with over 6 million PS4's sold, they would have made some serious bucks.

Rimfro1683d ago

Are you guys really arguing over which games YouTube videos have more views?! Is this what the "Console wars" have come to? Haha. I'm going to continue dominating on Titanfall, while waiting for Second Son to drop. Who knew March would be such a great month for gaming?! I love it!!!

medman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Butthurt alert!!! Butthurt alert!!! The denial is strong with these types.

sak5001683d ago

LOL you sony worshipers are butthurt...

Before TF launch: sony lovers: Look at that COD clone, nobody will buy that, graphics are dated doesnt look fun, thank God we dont have it on our platform we have ... Infamous.

After TF launch. sony lovers: Why those MS money spenders bribed EA for exclusive just wait TF 2 or even TF will be on ps3/ps4, EA is not going to lose so much potential sales.

LOL you bunch of sony fans have done more 180s than MS on xb1. Are you still waiting for a decent game on your ps4? how about you wait few years just like you did for ps3.

Allsystemgamer1683d ago

Um. Sak. If sony fans want to play it they can buy the PC version which is better than the Xbone version...any half decent PC from a decade ago can run it...

No one is crying over it not being on ps4 and the ps4 has plenty of games.

moparful991683d ago

@sak500. Its not butthurt.. Vindication for EA snubbing the PS4.. This game was originally a multiplat including PS4 until EA's backroom negotiation for platform exclusivity with Microsoft. It was a underhanded move and is bitting them hard.. Sony fans are only expresding that feeling of vindication..

joab7771683d ago

Who cares? Titanfall had a beta and has released already.

But I do bet EA wishes they had brought Titanfall to PS4. Look how well CoD has done in recent yrs despite the timed exclusivity of the dlc.

TheXgamerLive1683d ago

Clearly its titanfall. All you have to do is look at every gaming media. But im sure ss will pick up when it releases.

otherZinc1683d ago

We'll see if this "Social Metric" will buy more Infamous Second Son copies than TitanFall copies. We'll see what NPD & other services say sold the most.
Talk is cheap.

moparful991683d ago

Considering Killzone: shadowfall outsold all other exclusives speaks volumes.. Titanfall has met overall tepid critical and commercial results so far..

GraveLord1683d ago

Gametrailers is a shitty website. You really think they're social media tracking is any good?

DJMarty1683d ago

Yeh they saying X1 version sucks, PC version is the one to buy.

SilentNegotiator1683d ago

Well if Titanfall is more popular on a site that's always had a major Xbox lean, then of course Titanfall is more popular on social networks.


MysticStrummer1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

You could have stopped at "a site" and left out the part about the XBox bias, since there are many sites where gaming is discussed. Hell I sometimes look at a site mostly dedicated to the paranormal, and it has a long standing gaming discussion in the forums.

kparks1683d ago

It's prolly a good thing M$ did get titanfall as a exclusive. Could u imagine if PS got it instead it would be game over for Microsoft

Major_Glitch1683d ago

Agreed. MS NEEDED Titanfall. Sony on the other hand does not.

DFogz1683d ago

Just because people are talking about something, doesn't mean they're saying nice things.

MysticStrummer1683d ago

"Clearly more people are still talking about Titanfall."

Clearly one site represents an incredibly minuscule portion of the internet.

kopicha1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

@ arbitor

ya the whole world and the entire internet evolves around 1 website. right?

scootscottskeet931683d ago

Arbitor stop being so insecure.. I own titanfall and it's trash. Soooo even if say titanfall is talked about more it doesn't matter, infamous will turn out on top in the end.

parentoftheyear1683d ago

Im sure they are a couple hundred million reasons sorry they didn't bring it to ps4.

parentoftheyear1683d ago

Also comparing stats on Facebook titanfall- 800k likes ss only 400 likes you do realize titan fall on 3 platforms and ss on one. So do the math on that.

DeadlyFire1682d ago

80 Million divided by 800 K = 100 or roughly 10% of users on X360 with interest in Titanfall.
4 Million XB1 divided by 800 K = 5 percent of possible XB1 users interested in Titanfall.
Together = 15% with possible interest between Xboxes, but there is also the PC crowd as well which Activision has shutout with no dedicated servers in the past few years except for select titles. So that could also be a big percentage.

6.2 Million divided by 400 K = 15 percent of possible PS4 users with interest in SS.

Interesting numbers indeed. Although one could guestimate anything really.

JetP06191683d ago

LOL gametrailers. One of the most biased website out there. u do know the people there loves their 360s and x1's.

Sarcasm1683d ago

It's ridiculous how the games are even being compared since they are two totally different types of games.

I already bought TF for my PC, and have Infamous SS on pre-order.

TF on PS4 would have been nice, but oh well.

moujahed1683d ago

There is also something called sales. Where you can determine whih product is being sold more than the other. Right now Titan Fall isn't selling nearly as much as Infamous 2nd Son. Just because people are talking about something does nt mean it's a good conversation.

ALLWRONG1682d ago

Meanwhile on N4G

Titanfall 159760°
inFamous Second Son 48880°

You can't get any more pro Sony than N4G so... take what is said in this article with a truck load of salt.

nicksetzer11682d ago

From the company who did this

What a surprise.