Watch_Dogs’ Demanding PC Specs Aren’t Final; Game Delayed for the Sake of Creative Gamers

A few days ago specs for the PC version of Watch_Dogs were posted online including a whopping 6 GB of ram required, but Creative Director Jonathan Morin mentioned today that the requirements aren’t final, and are subject to change before release, which is good, as they were quite demanding. In addition to that, he also gave more information on the game.

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theXtReMe11680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

There is a great 18 page article in Edge magazine this month about Watchdogs. Why it was delayed, the systems in place to make sure gamers have a different experience from the person beside them and the technology behind everything that makes this game so awesome. It's a great read, and is available online via Newsstand on Apple devices and through other online magazine readers. Definitely worth the read. It goes into great detail about how intricate the systems are controlling the world simulation and how each action you make can send a rift throughout the game world. Each citizen that populates the Watchdogs Chicago, has their own back story and are randomly generated so there is no repetition and each gamer has his or her own unique experience. The system also allows for gamers to be their own Dexter Morgan like character, who can stalk a certain demographic and punish them for their sins.

Read about and purchase it here:

Mister_Dawg1680d ago

I hope the specs are really being pushed finally on pc.
Looks like the PS4 and XB1 will bring a big jump in my pc games too. Nice.

I've 16GB of ram, so the 6GB they're saying is no bother ;-)

Metallox1680d ago

Pass me 2GB of your RAM T_T

lets_go_gunners1680d ago

Steam once reported that 50% of their customers had 4gigs or less of ram. So no need to feel bad.

LAWSON721679d ago

I have 4gb and the only game that has used more than 2.5 gb is BF4 64 players. I will be surprised if 4gbs does not run the game, either way though it is not like RAM is that expensive.

Pjuice1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Yes steam reported that years ago. 8gb is the standard now. you can get 8gb ddr3 for $60 dollars now (same price as watchdogs). there really isn't a good reason not to have atleast 8gb of ram unless your motherboard is to old to use ddr2/ddr3. If you already have 4gb your looking at a $30-40.

Scenarist1679d ago

i had 6.. but last month one module died.. im down to 4

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kiz26941680d ago

Same just recently built my gaming rig, with 16gb of Ram i'm glad didn't go with the 8gb because I built it to play the next gen multiplatforms such as this game, and love to know i could to ultra on this.

Mister_Dawg1679d ago

@Metallox. Would love to oblige but can't find a knife sharp enough ;-)

@lets_go_gunners. That's so true. The majority of pc gamers don't have top end machines, but they can still play most games at decent levels too.

@kiz2694. I've had this machine for nearly two years now. Back then memory was silly cheap. I'm sure I paid around £80 for 16GB. I've even set aside 4GB as a ram cache to speed up the machine's responsiveness. Couple this with raid 0 ssd, my machine is stupidly quick. Next stop is saving up for a newer gpu. My oem 660 can still do a good job for now. But that's what us pc gamers are like, always craving more power ;-)

tee_bag2421679d ago

I don't care if the required specs are brutal. 16gb ram and 2x4gb combined vRam me thinks me ready. I just want it to look like the early 2012 gameplay videos.

LAWSON721679d ago

2×4GB VRAM How does that work Xfire/ SLI does not double RAM

tee_bag2421679d ago

SLI. I have to 2 x 4GB cards. Yes I know they don't combine. Thats why I wrote 2 x 4GB instead of 8GB :)

iplay1up21680d ago

Well if it requires 6 megs for PC and my PS4 has 8, how close are the PS4/PC going to be graphically. I know that the last trailer was pretty crappy looking, and was thinking if this is on PS4, how are the PS360 and Wii U versions going to look? I do know the Wii U version is said to look "in between" Not great, I would guess. This game just may be the game that shows gamers why they need to upgrade to a newer console.

I wanted this game for Wii U, but may have to go with the PS4 version, damn. I want to hack with the gamepad. Oh well I am going to have to wait and see.

barb_wire1680d ago

You're forgeting though the video card in the PC.. PS4 has 8GB total, I'm assuming that includes the video processing (kinda like intergrated gfx on PC) - of that 8GB, isn't 5GB usuable for games?

PC requires 6GB memory BUT they also recommend 2GB video card.. graphically the PC should (optimum word there, should) be miles ahead of the PS4, especially since that 2GB card is doing nothing but the GFX and not everything at once.

ok, babbling over..

jazmac1680d ago

Just another call of duty - ghosts in my opinion, that game had really high RAM requirements and it was established the game really only needed 2Gb at any given time...

Saying that though if Assassin's Creed IV is anything to go by the game might run like shit on PC.

tee_bag2421679d ago

Assassin's creed IV runs fine for me. I've seen worse jobs

LAWSON721679d ago

AC4 ran fine for me and I agree about RAM I will be surprised if it actually used more than 2-3GB of RAM. Whoever thinks 8GB is not enough for PC gaming is just so off. I understand if you do heavy media work and need 16GB but that is the only way you will need more than 8GB. No next gen game will require more than 5GB of RAM and that is probably a stretch. When games do need 16GB of RAM I think your old 16GB RAM will be obsolete to newer faster RAM anyway. I think it is a waste of money and that cash should have went towards a better GPU or CPU. I understand if you got loads of cash and no budget uou might as well but for someone on a budget for a gaming rig it is a waste.

jazmac1679d ago

What are the specs for your computer? and when you say you mean 30 fps fine? or solid 60 fine because i can get it to run max settings at 30 no problem but maintain a solid 60 is impossible no matter what i do.

I've seen benchmarks for the game as well and it seems on any single card it ain't running at 60, hell even dual gpu cards like the 690 or 7990 ain't quite making it.

I think our definition on what fine is are vastly different.

LAWSON721679d ago

Well I played it at 1080p avg fps 54 with I believe high settings minus crazy AA, probably did 2xAA or even FXAA (I play on a 21in monitor so jaggies are not really a problem). Now the game I could not run was AC3 that game had terrible performance, even on lowest settings my fps would go between 20-60 fps even on normal settings. My specs are 3570k and GTX 760 also ran pretty damn well on my HD 7950

starchild1679d ago

I use double v-sync through RadeonPro and I max it out at a solid 30fps.

I know 60fps is better and I would prefer it, but a steady 30fps is ok. Especially when the game looks this damn good. AC4 is easily in the top 5 best looking games on PC. It keeps good company with the likes of The Witcher 2, Crysis 3, and Tomb Raider on PC.

tee_bag2421679d ago

@ Jazmac

Max setting @ 60 FPS. That's my definition of 'running fine'. Here's my 3D Mark 11 score if you want to see what kind of horsepower I'm running -

I don't know why you're having trouble. You should run HWinfo in an On Screen Display like Rivertuner and see why that is. PM me if you need a hand.

jazmac1679d ago

lol while I'm not familiar with laptop components, their's a really good reason that you can run it at 60 the fact you've got SLI with 2 of the best laptop graphics cards you can pretty much buy and an i7 extreme edition cpu.

The score (while 3d mark isn't a particularly great representation of how your computer can handle games) even shows that your alienware laptop far exceeds the score of high end gaming PCs.

Now don't take this the wrong way and I appreciate that you offered help but just because you have a ridiculous laptop and can run it at 60 does not represent that the game isn't poorly optimized and could've been made better for PC.

tee_bag2421679d ago

My original point was trying to get across that it's not a broken piece of messy crud port like GTA4 and others we've seen over the years with random FPS dips for no good reason.
I might be looking through rose tinted glasses though. I only played a couple of hours when it came out and got bored. AC doesn't seem to do it for me.
Anyway game on fella :)

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x8001679d ago

It's not gonna require 6gb ram I would say the most it needs is 4.5gb that's at the max. So don't worry guys.

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