New Socom Confrontation Video

Socom vid check it out.

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Panthers5374d ago

Its the best video so far for this game. I am still sick over the damn melee attack being put in the game.

Bladestar5374d ago

Damn.. the guy playing really sucks...

Grassroots5374d ago

That's exactly what I thought... "This guy obviously never played SOCOM before."

The screen with the character customization is a nice addition/look for the game.

LinuxGuru5374d ago

LoL he does suck. Looks like he's never played a third-person shooter before.

meepmoopmeep5374d ago

he looks like how i would be playing... oh wait... that IS me!


40cal5374d ago

The more I want to play this game.

PR0F3TA5374d ago

amen... i wanna just get my hands on it

bullet5374d ago

Looks like a bad version of Ghost Recon...

PoSTedUP5374d ago


wAtdaFck5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

Thats because your discerning from an internet video of an unreleased game to an actual game thats already been rated, reviewed, and played.

Panthers5374d ago

lol Socom 1000000 x > GRAW. GRAW was a Socom wannabee from the beginning with better graphics and much worse gameplay.

Kyur4ThePain5374d ago

OMG, jeuxvideo has the worst video streaming ever.

SOCOM was THE experience that got me into online play in a big way and that's why it will always have a special place for me. Looking forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.