Oscar Announced - "Why Do We Say We're Fine When We're Not"

Oscar is an upcoming 2D platformer that tackles the challenge subject of child psychology in an interesting way. Grab It Magazine has the details.

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iosgamer1677d ago

The game looks fascinating, but is it just me or is Oscar a weird name for a girl?

SlappingOysters1677d ago

I would have called her Roger.


Game experiences like these could be interesting if done right

iosgamer1677d ago

It must be hard when you're making a game with such important intentions and you know that the next Mega Man rip-off is going outsell your 5 to 1. At least you know they must be passionate about it.

no_more_heroes1677d ago

"Why Do We Say We're Fine When We're Not"

Good question, but this site isn't the place to be getting deep and insightful. At least, not according to the usual comments you see on here.

Interesting game though...