Latest The Witcher 3 news: the work under the game is gaining momentum

Yesterday it was announced that the work under this action-RPG is gaining momentum. The developers from CD Projekt Red don’t stopped or slow down its creation, they have put best foot forward to launch it faster. According to the series’ creators, they have engaged to the project more developers - those who worked on Cyberpunk 2077.

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SageShinigami1682d ago

What, does this mean? Are they trying to push the game into releasing in 2014? The article's English is a bit off for me.

ThichQuangDuck1682d ago

This article is very much conjecture. In short they delayed the game,but are not slowing down production,but working harder than ever to get the best game out there for fans

Angeljuice1682d ago

" there won’t be any delay in the project’s release, the date of which is still unknown."
How can you have a delay on a project with no release date? I realise that they may have a "late 2014" release window, but that's just a projected target rather than a firm release date.

1682d ago
SageShinigami1680d ago

Release date's been February 2015 for about a week now.

jegheist20141682d ago

push it into 2014 yes by god almighty it needs go head to head with da i like competition

ThichQuangDuck1682d ago

This article in no way affirms a return to 2014 which would be stupid. February 2015 is a perfect time for a new witcher game. Witcher has no competition and I am not just being a fanboy. What choice rpg open world game is there like witcher releasing in fall? Dragon Age is all that comes to mind. I would rather see their best work than rushed

Roccetarius1682d ago

The Witcher 3 is pretty much releasing with no competition in February. The holiday sales are over, the expected annual junkware has lost momentum, and people have just started to get money again.

Either way, i can't wait to play the game. :)

webeblazing1682d ago

take your time, we know what to expect.

1682d ago