Does virtual reality have a commercially viable future?

Oculus firmly believes that VR will be integral to the evolution of gaming, but it’s clear that consumers still need some convincing. Dave Cook speaks with several VR developers to see if the tech has a viable commercial future.

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theXtReMe11682d ago

They tried this in the 90s with very little fanfare. Even though visuals have improved and the technology has improved, I can't see people wearing a device like this on the head for very long before they get tired or bored. It may immerse you better in the experience, but I believe it's going to be a gimmick that fades away, sort of like Kinect and any other add-on in the history of gaming.

Only time will tell, but I think this may be just another casualty in the history books of add-on devices. It would have to be released at a huge loss to get enough market saturation to have enough developers take the time to want to implement it in their games. Then, people still need to buy a console or PC to use it, if they don't already have one.

Ill be interested to see if they can be the first company in history to break through with an add-on device. While I love technology and the idea of moving gaming forward, I think this may be a little too out there for the average gamer... Not to mention, trying to break through to the casuals who make up a lot of the market.

They also have to contend with Sonys own device and marketing dollars, which takes PS4 development for the Rift off of the market . Alienating a good population of gamers who chose the PS4. That is a huge chunk out of potential customers... and, if Sonys device is better in any way... It will make the Rift look like dated technology before it even releases. Something Sony would market to death, like the power difference between the PS4 and Xbox One.

It has a long, hard road ahead of it. Something Im not sure they have the cash to endure. Especially against heavy hitting corporations like Sony. Let the games begin!

ClevelandSteamer1682d ago

commercially viable?? I don't care just make a 4k version and take my money already!!