inFamous: Second Mortgage

In his latest article for Zero1Gaming, Chris isn't happy with the cost of digital console games, with the new inFAMOUS title causing particular annoyance.

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Sitdown1732d ago

"I played all three inFAMOUS games for the PS3 and enjoyed just about every minute of them."

Did I miss a game or something? I only remember playing two....

-EvoAnubis-1731d ago

Yeah, people always forget about the stand alone DLC. Festival of Blood was short, but I had a great time with it.

Mr Pumblechook1732d ago

Second mortgage or second montage?

Tempest3171732d ago

Yeah I stopped reading after the 2nd time he said there were 3...

Oagoz1732d ago

This guy is going to complain about a $60 game costing $60 on digital? Why should you get a cheaper price just for not going to a store? Pointless article.

jonboi241732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Really? You do know the when it comes to the price of physical games many factors such as packaging, manuals, and putting it onto a disc factor into the price. Why should we pay for those factors when they don't even apply to a digital game.

JackVagina1732d ago

its a touchy subject, but retailers aren't going to be happy if publishers start undercutting them

morganfell1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

And with digital they keep a copy stored and you can go back a redownload it, eating up their bandwidth whenever you want. Indicators are now that digital purchases made on the PS3 will be available for free to the owner on PS Now. PS4 titles will be on Now eventually as well...and if you have the digital version there you are again, using bandwidth to play it whenever you want.

There are upsides and downsides to the pricing on all models and if one searches hard enough, or rather desperately enough you can find them.

As for the author, has he written any previous articles about digital pricing? Or did inFamous push him over the edge? Also, he is a consumer that can vote with his wallet and just get the physical version. Its a case of I want it, but I want it my way having no concept of the cost of a digital version.

Tempest3171732d ago

Because youre paying for the convenience, AND just because its not physical doesnt mean theres no cost...the digital games have to be stored on a server somewhere, and be available to download whenever. And those titles will continue to take up space on the server for years to come, woth the ability to download as much as you want anytime. Especially in thus day of 20/30/40gb downloads, thats not cheap

Oagoz1732d ago

Because if every game was cheaper on digital, and considering now mostly every single game is digital day one, then Gamestop, EB Games, and all the other Game Stores would close. Honestly, why go out and buy a physical game when we can just go buy it for cheaper without leaving home?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

In Canada I went to preorder infamous second son on ps store it's 69.99 dollars :0 for a game with no multiplayer even tho I have the money I don't think I can do it. Hoping walmart has a sale or something.

No single player lol my bad still waking up haha

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respekanize911732d ago

well we dont get taxed and i link my PSN acct to my Sony rewards program and get almost enough points to get a $10 psn code back everytime (gotta spend about 75 to get enough for code)

Also you dont pay for gas to turn on your console.


PS This is an expensive hobby and there are tiers (mobile, old school, next gen, last gen, PC, handheld, etc)

HacSawJimThugin1731d ago

IMO next gen isn't just about shiny new consoles and updated graphics. It should also be about new pricing models and different ways to entice to ppl to buy games. Yes, gaming is an expensive habit/hobby but that doesn't me us , the consumer, shouldn't have better options.

The author makes some good points about having to pay retail prices for digital copies. Why do games cost $60 dollars digital when they are disc less, not case, no paper for cover art, or plastic wrapping? Sure Gamestop and the like would be upset but so what, they have raped Devs and consumers for years. Pushing used games over new is bad for Devs as they don't see a dollar from those games.

If digital is to become a viable option on PSN/XBL then it needs a better pricing model or it won't take off like these aforementioned services would like it to. Imagine how many more copies would sell if they were priced $49.99 digital versus $59.99 physical. Ppl who want all of the swag that comes with physical copies would get that and the ppl who could care less about swag and physical discs could get that just at a lower price point. Options are are a beautiful thing.

And yes I understand that one can get games cheaper from various sites if one looks but this isn't about that. Its about getting better deals on digital downloads.