New Bound by Flame Screenshots Released

Strategy Informer has published six new screenshots for Bound by Flame.

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Gore-Content1731d ago

Lemmie guess... Unreal 3 engine?

fenome1731d ago

It's a low-budget game coming out at a discount price (like $40 or something), what'd you expect?

I've had a lot of fun with games in Unreal 3 for the past 7 years so it doesn't bother me. I know we've got actual 'next gen' titles coming, I'm not worried about it.

This game looks like something I'd enjoy, a lot of loot and crafting and what-not, RPG elements that I enjoy. The only thing that I need to see is how fluid the combat is, that's make-it or break-it for me. If the combat is solid then this is a buy for me, regardless of the game engine.