7 cool Bluetooth gadgets

"Bluetooth revolutionized electronics 10 years ago with its wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with each other. Here's a look at some of the latest Bluetooth-enabled devices."

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sonarus5874d ago

Whoa that infra red keyboard thing is sick


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OlderGamer179d ago

All nice and well but i want to see that in real gameplay on a console...and Hellblade 2 dont cut it....


Here's a closer look at the new ASUS ROG Ally X as early renders are leaked online

It's almost time for the ASUS ROG Ally X to be revealed, and these leaked renders already provide a look at the device and its specs.

UltimateOwnage18d ago

Is it running the same Windows OS? Because that is the biggest issue with the current Ally.


The MSI Claw Gaming Handheld Sees Another Game Performance Boost Through New BIOS and MSI Center M

MSI is proud to announce that its gaming handheld, Claw, has achieved a significant performance increase of up to 30% through a new BIOS and MSI Center M update. Furthermore, the new BIOS and MSI Center M enable Claw to smoothly play all of the top 100 po

purple10125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

is this the one with the switch2 chip inside.?

this is Intels first try at the format

probs not though, as it's $799. so not good for switch actually

Huey_My_D_Long25d ago

Well thats nice considering Ive heard it consistently performs worse when it really shouldn't.

Now if only Lenovo would do the same for the legion go