Dark Souls II Available Now In Europe, Australia and Asia

The Bloody Cries of Gamers Will Be Heard as They Venture into a World Filled with Pain and Hard-Fought Victories

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Hellsvacancy1679d ago

I'm sitting next to my post box like a dog waiting for a newspaper, my ears waggling


That is what gaming is all about! Have fun with the game

iosgamer1679d ago

You could download it, but with Australia's net speeds... might as well wait for the post.


I always feel there is something special about owning the box

Hellsvacancy1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I wish I had now, I pre-ordered it on Zavvi (months ago) I wanted the DS2 graphic novel pre-order incentive, doesn't look like i'm going to be playing (or reading) DS2 today, postman has been

I'm pretty annoyed (that's an understatement) I won't ever use Zavvi again