4 Reasons Why PS4 Is Crushing The Xbox One

TechRez - Both Sony and Microsoft had big budget campaigns leading to the official launch of their next-generation gaming consoles which paid off with an official statement from both camps revealing an incredible sale of one million units of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on the first 24-hours of their commercial availability.

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Hatsune-Miku1680d ago

Psn is way better than live gold
Ps4 is over 50% more powerful
Ps4 is cheaper
Ps4 will get the best exclusives going by playstation history

darthv721679d ago

Miku, you never cease to amuse me. PS4 is cheaper is pretty much all you had to say.

you get a +bub for making me smile though.

bigfatty1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

The Xbox 360 was 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3. It got outsold by the PS3 every single year on the market and ended up in last place. So, no, it isn't 'pretty much all you had to say".

The first Xbox launched after Sony - Sony won.
The second Xbox launched before Sony - Sony won.
The second Xbox was cheaper than the PS3 - Sony won.
The third Xbox is more expensive than the PS4 - Sony is winning.

Gamers want Sony hardware and games.

king_george1679d ago


Dude i've been seeing his comments more and more lately... he's annoying to say the least. Surprised he didnt use his dumb slogan that he usually puts at the end of his comments.

That being said... his points are pretty much the reason why sony is currently winning this dumb console war

darthv721679d ago

fatty & george...I didnt say miku was wrong. the point could have been made simply by saying the PS4 is cheaper which i agree. The other points are more/less subjective. Except for the power one, that is correct.

i wasnt being sarcastic, i was being genuine. Miku is usually more annoying than anything else but this time he made me smile.

i get the impression you are coming to his defense to which there was no need. no harm, no foul.

Gozer1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Thanks for contributing your opinion and at least one flat lie. The only advantage that sony has is price. The X1 is a better device for the living room. And that's what sony and MS want to control the living room. MS has created a console that is an all in one device. The ps4 doesn't have much connectivity features at all. With the X1 I can control my whole entertainment center(as well as features for tablets and cellphones)as simple as speaking.

Live Gold includes dedicated servers for any dev that wants to use them. That alone makes Live Gold better than PSN.

As far as power, several devs have already wnet public and said the ps4 and X1 are comparable in power. You pulled 50% more power straight out of your ass.

Again you stated your opinion as fact with "Ps4 will get the best exclusives going by playstation history". I happen to enjoy MS exclusives over sonys.

zerog1679d ago

@gozer. Don't know what you're smoking buddy but I would say that most people buy a "gaming console" for "gaming". I could care less about it controlling my other devices because last I checked my remote already does that and pretty flawlessly too. Its quality over quantity. I may not have my cable and last gen console ran through it but I know when I put an actual "game" in my "game console" I'm getting the best quality "gaming experience" from a console. If I really wanted to control everything in my house from one device then there's probably an app for that on my phone or tablet for free anyway lol.

DigitalRaptor1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@ Gozer

"The X1 is a better device for the living room"

This is only the start of your comment and already, we can see how you're pretty much justifying the Xbone with non-gaming attributes, not gaming. You're saying Xbone is a better product for the non-gamer. The reason PS4 is selling so well, is that it's appealing to the gamer.

That is what this comes down to. Gaming.

"And that's what sony and MS want to control the living room."

No, only MS desires control of its consumers. As evidenced by their numerous restrictive policies and what they had in motion that luckily gamers and consumers said no to, and why MS has been in their place. Also evidenced by the unreasonable restrictions they have on their premium services.

"Live Gold includes dedicated servers for any dev that wants to use them. That alone makes Live Gold better than PSN."

Because... your opinion? Something you just tried to argue against Miku for.... smh. Sony also has dedicated servers that they can choose to provide. But what devs are using any of these "dedicated servers"? Just like with the Kinect, devs are ignoring it.

"As far as power, several devs have already wnet public and said the ps4 and X1 are comparable in power."

I see (like I advised you to) you stopped posting those links from Carmack, Kojima and the Watch_Dogs dev, cause you now realise that they work against your arguments.

Still, you still seem to believe it, enough to post about it.

"I happen to enjoy MS exclusives over sonys."

Unequivocally? or just cause you're biased? How did you enjoy the last few years of exclusives on the 360? ;)

UltimateMaster1679d ago

1-Better overall hardware. 50% better GPU, 2.5x faster RAM. Better Disc Drive; Installs of games are only 30~40 seconds compared to 15~30 minutes X1.

2-Better Online Service; Continuous Free Games, Significant Sales with PS+ (on PS3). Better Communications. Media Apps aren't behind paywall.

3-Great exclusive games lineup of must-own games.

4-Pricing. Flawed Microsoft marketing campaign.

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TwistedMetal1679d ago

you only need one reason why but ill give you 2.

1. ps4 is the best
2. xbone sucks and is the worst

HaveAsandwich1679d ago

we all know why. stop dragging the poor thing through the mud.....

IanVanCheese1680d ago

I predict downvotes but...

MS is not being crushed in their home turf. they lost some ground for sure, but they are at about 90% of PS4 sales in USA.

They are being crushed in worldwide numbers because the brand never really made it out of America and the UK. Sony dominate the rest of the world and MS has failed to push in any significant way.

Oppai1680d ago

The PS4 has sold in 2014 ~295k+~290k for a total of about ~580k.

The XB1 in 2014 so far has only sold 140k+250k for a total of 390k.

The PS4 is outselling the XB1 in 2014 by about 50 percent in the US over the past two months. And that include the month leading up to Microsoft's one big exclusive that was supposed to generate massive XB1 sales. The PS4 is crushing the XB1 in the US without question.

IanVanCheese1680d ago

convenient use of stats that help your case, but the total sales of both consoles are much closer in the USA.

About 2.3 million Ones to 2.6 million PS4's.

doolin_dalton1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

In January, PS4 sold twice as much as X1 in the U.S.

In February, PS4 sold only 10% more than X1.

Neither console had a major exclusive released in either of those months.

"And that include the month leading up to Microsoft's one big exclusive that was supposed to generate massive XB1 sales."

Since when is the month BEFORE a major release considered a peak selling time? I could just as easily say that PS4 only outsold X1 by 10% despite it being the month leading up to Infamous. Using that argument is a wash because both consoles have a major release in March.

X1 is clearly narrowing the gap. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint like some people want to believe. The gap will be erased slowly, month by month, just like last generation.

T21679d ago

@Doolin - in what world is being outsold by 10% "narrowing the gap". This literally means the gap is widening. You do realize that narrowing the gap requires selling more than your competitor? I think xbox could actually do this in march but after that how long till halo comes? Much, much too long...

Evilsnuggle1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Is right x1 is not being destroyed in the USA. X1 is being destroyed worldwide by PS4. But Sony is doing well in the USA and so is x1 in the USA. Worldwide is a different story x1 is under performance compared to the 360 last gen . My Playstation bro don't kill the messenger do be blind like that other consoles fanBoys. If Sony want to Win the usa it's is going have to appeal to 360 gamers and that means online multiplayer. Sony need to step up it game on online multiplayer exclusives games. Microsoft knows 13-25 year old love online multiplayer games and it sales games and consoles. Sony will let Microsoft back into the console race in the USA if it does not have better and more fps and online multiplayer exclusives games.

classic191679d ago

fact is MS is losn in the ua/uk.. i did nt downvote yu. it's good when ppl can speak facts;>

yezz1679d ago

"They are being crushed in worldwide numbers because the brand never really made it out of America and the UK."

I have to disagree with this part. The brand is very well known at least here in Europe but people just seem to prefer Sonys product... It's cheaper and more powerful, while the Xbones features like the voice commands and the TV integration won't work properly in many countries.

HaveAsandwich1679d ago

all the while, the ps4 is building a larger base of users, which is never good for competition. they are also doing it faster.

MRMagoo1231679d ago

Considering MS has gone from double Sony sales (as in 360 selling double the PS3 in the US) to selling less than the PS4 in the US i would say Sony is crushing MS at the mo, it would be hard not to say that in all honesty.

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Gore-Content1679d ago

Nice article. A welcome change to all the nonsensical xbone apologetic pieces out there right now.

crusf1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

This is why childish flamewars exist. Stupid click bait article like these. Can't we just realize Sony and Microsoft dont give a crap. They are counting there money as we bicker and argue amongst ourselves. Great free publicity guys real nice.

No_Limit1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Flamebiat article. The NPD results were basically within 90% of each other and that is even before sales of Titanfall and the bundle is accumulated. Play the game and not the numbers!

Unreal011679d ago

But that's just on MS's home turf. Even being close in sales in America is not good news for MS.

But I do agree, surely no one should care as long as each console ends up being profitable. Just enjoy the games and let the companies worry about the sales.

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