5 Video Games I'll Start My Kids On

The Escapist: "I've got the best Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card of all time. My wife - not me, the guy who works in the video-game industry - introduced our sons to video games. So far, the boys' catalog consists of a few iPad apps starring the Doras and Diegos and Elmos that populate their world, but the day's soon coming when they'll graduate to more serious fare.

Then I'll have to step up like a responsible adult and further their education."

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Rooted_Dust1775d ago

Minecraft should definitely be on that list.

Budobear1775d ago

Trying to get the kids to stop playing Minecraft is the problem!

shmeedy246851775d ago

I got started on games like Doom and many others, I also watched horror films from the age of 3 and loved them growing up.

bakagaijin781775d ago

I played portal 2 co-op with my daughter and we had so much fun. She was already very much into gaming though (she's 16 now, was like 12 or 13 at the time of playing).

You learn a lot about a person by playing that game with co-op, lol. I was cautious and calculating, she was just jumping like a spaz everywhere dying repeatedly by trying random 'stuff'. Working through a level was a blast.

SolidGear31775d ago

I'm playing Portal 2 right now. Forgot how insanely funny and well written it is :3

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