PlayStation 4 Now Hits 6.2 Million Units Sold?

About a weeks ago, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House, revealed that the PlayStation 4 surpassed six million in 57 countries all across the world following the successful launch in Japan where Sony sold 370,000 console!

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stonecold31769d ago

well done sony glad I did my part and got ps4 cant wait till the games start rolling in like infamous.

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GribbleGrunger1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Here we go again. My God, when are these people going to understand?

To compare Xbox One with the PS4 sale, last we heard as of January 23rd 2014, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One sold 3.9 million worldwide. While Sony shipped 5.86 million in total and that particular figure was expected to rise to 6.2 million and look at that, the PlayStation has managed to hit that milestone as well. Xbox One on the other hand, if you generate the last sales figure with the new one, It should be around 4.1 million.

MS shipped 3.9 million, not sold. This is why they've arrived at the ridiculous figure of 4.1 million for the X1. It's not close to that yet. And the number they've got down for the PS4 was actually 'sold through'! If I didn't know better, I'd say this article is trying it's hardest to reduce that gap lol.

Majin-vegeta1769d ago

So Gribble in other wordS YOLOXSWAGG420QUICKSCOPES??

Lol jokes aside I get what you mean.

Kiwi661769d ago

MS shipped 3.9 million ,not sold so lets see if i got this right your saying that all xb1 consoles released since november are shipped so if thats what your saying then explain the millions that are in peoples hands

jjonez181769d ago

Yup, by their logic the wii u is probably outselling the ps4 2-1.

zeuanimals1769d ago

@MrKrispy: Nobody's denying that it's selling, we're just saying that MS never commented on sales, only shipments. We've only had NPD reports to know how much it's selling, and it's around 3.4-3.6.

jetlian1769d ago

MS would be at 3.4 million without the other 12 countries based on usa sales this year. So its over that amount.

they sold over 3 million by the end of 2013 and shipped 3.9 million.

3 mill plus 400k from usa is 3.4 and that doesn't include the other 12

GameSpawn1769d ago

Microsoft has a bad history of "channel stuffing". I'm not saying Sony or Nintendo have never done this, just that Microsoft does it a LOT.

Microsoft is the king of number manipulation (eg. counting Windows 7 as Windows 8 sales because they "sold" a copy of Windows 8 with downgrade rights, despite the end result being a machine running Windows 7). Microsoft has a long history of twisting the living hell out of numbers to convince investors and others that they are doing far better with a product than they really are.

All of Microsoft's tricks though eventually catch up to them as all their tricks only work in the short term. Channel stuffing for example stops working once the distribution warehouses and stores are full and are no longer accepting any more systems from Microsoft, regardless of whatever incentives Microsoft offers. If you can no longer stuff the channel, then your monthly numbers shipped (key word there) suddenly take a massive dive revealing to the world your slight of hand. Microsoft may make an excuse to investors that this "dip" is just "temporary" slow sales, but the longer the "dip" goes on the less they can keep with this excuse.

GribbleGrunger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

@GameSpawn: Correct. It's a short term answer to a long term problem. Boasting high 'shipment' numbers in the hope they get misinterpreted as sold leads to anomalies in sales because people end up extrapolating future figures based on a number that does not yet 'really' exist. And here we are AGAIN, with the a site doing just that.

Sevir1768d ago

As per Microsofts own figures they them self stated that they sold world wide 3 million units of XBOs as of December 31st 2013 to consumer, however! for the entire year since it released they shipped 3.9 million units... at the time that they had compiled their figures 900k of the 3.9 million XBOs were unsold to consumers... This is a global figure... That was the last reported sales figure, have they surpassed 3 million units by now...? Absolutely even though sales have slowed i think they sit somewhere near 4.2 million. They'd have announced how much they've sold world wide if they were close to selling that 5 million they aimed for. the thing is they havent, so they did this Titan Fall bundle to get to that figure or they'll have revise their fiscal year forecast... Sony did and they improved their figures... MS right now hasnt stated...

Sony will have sold with their current trajectory between 6.8 - 7.4 Million PS4s. we'll know by April 11th, They'll have comprised their quarterly figures as the close of this Fiscal year and quarter ends Mar 31st, Sony will announce their full year performance company wide in mid May this year! but Playsttion will likely announce quarterly figures around April 14th this year.

MS's 3rd quarter earnings call is on April 24th we'll all hear how every has performed from Jan 1st 2014- March 31st 2014.

AndrewLB1768d ago

Sony's figures are no different than Microsoft's in that the number they speak of is the amount of consoles shipped/sold to retailers.
The number sold to retailers is the most important to a corporation because they directly reflect in revenue. And as we all know, revenue is good for stock prices and a positive outlook based on this encourages investment. And Investment puts more money in Sony's pocket to build their company.

GribbleGrunger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

@AndrewLB: Oh dear LORD! Look, Sony have been releasing 'SOLD THROUGH' numbers as in sold to customers, while MS have been releasing 'shipped' as in sold to retail, NOT customers. Why have Sony been so open with their sold through numbers when they usually only give us 'shipped' numbers? Because they're selling out every time they restock. This is why they know how many they're selling to customers. MS have stock still in stores everywhere in the world. That's why they can only give shipped numbers. I know it doesn't favour the X1 but I can't change reality.

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colonel1791769d ago

I've always supposed that the sales are measured by how much orders Sony (or whatever) has to complete to fulfill retailers' demand. So if they shipped 1 million units to retailers and they have to restock them, that should mean that they SOLD 1 million already right? Is this how they measure it?

When people say that Microsoft SHIPPED (to retailers) instead of SOLD, I imagine MS overstocking retailers so that they can inflate their numbers, but I guess it doesn't work like that does it?

However it is, Sony is doing an excellent job with the PS4, and they haven't even announced what they are working on with most of their studios. Also, Microsoft having sold 3 million (or whatever it is) it is an accomplishment in itself, since this has to be the biggest selling generation of consoles. So whoever is saying that consoles are death and mobile games will take over, they are completely wrong; otherwise, the PS4 and the Xbox One would be at 2 million tops.

lolCHILLbro1769d ago

i heard PS4 sold 8.2 million and the Xbox One only ONLY sold a measly 2 million lol, and they secretly sold Xbox to Amazon who will turn it into a Kindle box, Xbox is soooo doomed bros lololololol

Magicite1769d ago

57 countries, thats huge!

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Majin-vegeta1769d ago

Gratz Sony.Can't wait for the games to start rolling in left and right then complaining i dont have enough time to play them >_<

AceBlazer131769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Lol i still have a bunch of ps3 stuff i should be tending to.Damn ps+ hammering me with games.

Light bulb just went off, gonna play through a few to kill the time till the 21st.

Major_Glitch1769d ago

Congrats Sony. Let's producing a next-gen "Tenchu" game!

starchild1769d ago

Haha I couldn't agree more. We NEED a new Tenchu game.

Akuma2K1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Agreed as well....this is THE most wanted game i wanna see return on playstation, imagine next gen graphics of the weapons, levels and of course the ninja uniform.

Bathyj1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Major Glitch for President.

You just knew I was going to agree with you didnt you? Its the only REAL ninja game, yknow, with a ninja acting like a NINJA. Sneaking and stuff.

No_Limit1769d ago

Congrat Sony with the success of the PS4. I am glad I bought one as well.

Indo1769d ago

Thanks Sony for my PS4.

SilentNegotiator1768d ago

...was it a gift or something?

Indo1768d ago

Yah, they shipped it to Bestbuy for me to buy it.

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