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When you think Nintendo Wii U , naturally you think of a console gaming experience – and you should! The Wii U is a great system. What a lot of people do not realize is just how great it is.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1773d ago

I've been doing this since day 1 with my Wii U.
Taking it to the local starbucks and enjoying a cold frap while playing games on the game pad is a great way to spend a few hours of my day.

Heck, before the Wii U came along, I even went out of my way to tote around a small TV with my other systems, like my Wii and Gamecube.
I'd even lug along a few extra controllers for a round or three of Smash with anyone who wanted to give it a go.
Gaming in public like that is a great way to meet new people and make some good friends.[and lets face it, who doesn't like showing off their skills at their favorite game every once in a while?XD]

Wii U is definitely one of the best consoles I've ever had, even if it's not super-powerful.

EliteGameKnight1773d ago

now that is commitment to gaming!

Tiqila1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

and what do I do if I want to play another game and have to swap discs?

Wii U is an awesome console, but if you want mobile gaming, 3DS or Vita is the better choice!

ruefrak1773d ago

I carry my PS4 and Vita around with me everywhere I go. That gives me the most powerful handheld of all time.

Hicken1773d ago

All you'd have to do is carry your Vita. It links to the PS4=PS4 power in your hands. (Cue Doc Octopus meme.)

MNGamer-N1772d ago

I need to pimp my ride with a WiiU.