How Much of a Boost Will `Titanfall’ Give Xbox?

(Bloomberg) -- Magid Advisors President Mike Vorhaus looks at “Titanfall,” Microsoft’s new game for Xbox on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.”

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Bigpappy1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I think the boost will be significant (over 100,000)in the 1st week. I will then keep selling X1's with less of an impact. X1 will be were people want to play for the most balanced competition, where everyone has the same identical equipment.

lolCHILLbro1679d ago

i hope Xbox One does well with Titanfall as its a great game, is it on other platforms? sure, but if your not a PC guy then you will want Titanfall on Xbox One as it will be the best place to play it!

WeAreLegion1679d ago

Well yeah... Once they fix the team balancing issues.

Magicite1679d ago

I think question should be - how much impact will this boost cause?

Evilsnuggle1679d ago

don't quit your day job. Because Michael Pachter said that Titanfall will sale 500,000 x1. Michael Pachter also said that Titanfall will not close the sell gap between PS4 AND X1. When the 360 version of Titanfall is released x1 sale are going to crash and burn. The 360 version of Titanfall will be identical to the 360 version of Titanfall . The same resolution and graphics just like COD ghost on x1 Was almost identical to the 360 version .

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xPhearR3dx1679d ago

Xbox brand itself, probably a lot. The Xbone? I'm going to say not so much. Simply because the game is also on two other platforms. PC, with millions and millions of gamers, and also 360 which has sold what, like 70-80mill at this point?

Considering the Xbone version is supposedly 30FPS (Correct me if I'm wrong) and 729p, there's really not that much of a next-gen difference. At least with Battlefield 4 the player count doubled and created an all new experience, with Titanfall, a player increase isn't needed, and the graphics don't scream next-gen.

If I still owned a 360 and was still a huge Xbox fan, I wouldn't even think about spending $500 to play it on X1, I'd just pick up the 360 version. Putting the game out to 70+ million users will certainly generate more money, but at the same time significantly lower the chances of selling Xbones. I'm not sure if MS had a choice in the matter, but Xbone and PC exclusive would have had a MUCH higher chance of pushing Xbone sales. Putting a game like this on PC is no risk, mostly due to online only so you can't pirate the game. That, and FPS on PC is a completely different world so it wouldn't push more people to buy PC. What's pushing people to not purchase the Xbone version, is in fact the game is on 360 here in a week or so.

TomShoe1679d ago

The XBO version is 60fps, 792p.

The 360 version is rumored to be 30fps, sub-720p.

xPhearR3dx1679d ago

Ahhh, I misread the title of that article that's floating around. I thought it said Xbone not 360. My mistake. Still, an extra 30FPS doesn't justify a new console purchase IMO.

bicfitness1679d ago

Its not a consistent 60 FPS. Even Respawn themselves admitted this in the most recent DF article.

Automatic791679d ago


I think you are wrong people are looking for a reason to upgrade Titanfall is going to be the excuse. Not only titanfall but the upcoming game lineup like Watchdogs, destiny, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Batman, Halo.

Note: Over 80% of my friends list purchased Xbox One with the Titanfall bundle.

desolationstorm1679d ago

It was a reason especially with the added value of it being bundled with the system now.

In addition people are seeing their friends list be fragmented between the two systems now.

If playing with their friends is important that can motivate sales.

Is it necessary to buy it for Xbox One when you have a 360? No, but its not a terrible time to get one.

Ezz20131679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

"How Much of a Boost Will `Titanfall’ Give Xbox?"

just about or maybe more
but it's possible that it could hit that mark and the gap will be but i doubt it :P

Tedakin1679d ago

Well I mean any jump is considered a boost right? February apparently already had a big upswing for Xbox. March would have to be bigger.

hulk_bash19871679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I've seen a couple of people at my local Gamestop trading in and making the jump to the Xbox One because of Titanfall. But then again they aren't selling out of Xbox Ones, so I'd say it will definitely move a good amount of systems but not to the point of selling out. Which is just fine in my book.

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