Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Receives 1.7 GB Stability Patch

MP1st - Infinity Ward has released a new title update for Call of Duty: Ghost on PS4 to improve stability.

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MaxwellBuddha1681d ago

1.7 GB. For "stability". Sounds more like they're making you download the latest DLC but not letting you access it (ala Dead Rising 3).

Deividas1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

latest DLC is 5.7 GB I believe. Downloaded it today and got the patch last night which was 1.7 GB

mewhy321680d ago

Wow. that's a BIG patch. Surely there's more in there than just some stability stuff.

mii-gamer1680d ago

That is ridiculously huge for a patch - that would take hours with the crappy net we have here down under.

xfear2diex1680d ago

a few hours?
come one i am living on 100kb/sec
so that will be one day of downloading
be happy with what you got

LakerGamerEnthusiast1680d ago

I don't see why you would do that in the first place... If I had those speeds, Multiplayer wouldn't even be considered. So no patch.

Just saying. :)

xfear2diex1679d ago

yup i am mainly single player gamer don,t care for multiplayer section of the games mostly but there games that i do play mp like bf3 and tf and i think tf will be the last until i can upgrade my internet that if i could because of some stupid company

Faztkiller1680d ago

Every patch they've released huge I don't understand why. Same with Battlefield 4 makes no sense to me Killzone SF have been fairly decent sized on my Internet it will take hours for that COD patch to download. But it's usually not an issue cause PS4 does it while I'm at work

Utalkin2me1680d ago

Really it doesn't make your file size 1.7 gigs larger. It overwrites most of everything. But i think it also has to do with upcoming DLC too.

Kiwi661680d ago

thats the same thing that was done for DR3 on xb1 which is a good thing in that it doesn't add to the total install size which some thought it did

GraveLord1680d ago

Translation: We're finally fixing the frame rate issues but we're too embarrassed to say we shipped an unoptimized product.

XtraTrstrL1680d ago

If only that's what the patch was for.

dantesparda1680d ago

What framerate issue? I know the framerate isnt a constant 60fps but did they further mess it up like they did to the X1's MP ver. or are you talking about the original games performance? And has there been talk of fixing the framerate?

Anon19741680d ago

I hadn't noticed any framerate problems, or stability issues, but this is a ridiculously large patch. There's hardly an ISP in Canada that doesn't have download limits. Come on, man!

NoNeedForAName1680d ago

Maybe I'll actually be able to play my game now without constant image file disc read errors.

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