Star Fox Running on Genesis Hardware

Retro Gaming Magazine works to bring more attention to interesting projects such as independent developer who is working on porting Star Fox to the Sega Genesis.

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WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1774d ago

This is my kind of story! Although why go through all the trouble? It's much easier if you have an emulator and the rom. Oh yeah and a physical copy of the game, of course. ; )

DeathOfTheFanBoy1774d ago

It's INSANE!!! when I watched this I actually thought the world may implode! it's batshit...

SolidGear31774d ago

Can't he get in trouble? Star Fox is Nintendo.

triverse1774d ago

Nintendo could send a Cease and Desist to the dev but they usually only do that when there is money exchanging hands. Since this is a tech demo and apparently has no intention of being sold, they probably won't do much about it. They haven't so far.

DaleCooper1774d ago

It's definitely cool to see this, especially with all the programming knowledge people have today. I wonder how smooth they can get it running. I mean Genesis did have blast processing so it should be pretty smooth, amirite? ;)

triverse1774d ago

The interesting thing about this is, the dev is doing it without licensed dev kits and doesn't have money motivating them. This is amazing if it was by professionals, it is mind blowing coming from an independent dev.

monkey nuts1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

There's no mode 7 on the genesis though so that's why objects just suddenly appear instead of moving smoothly from the distance to/ past the screen. I still have this game and fire it up every now and then for some reminiscing on my snes. Going through a super ghosts and goblins phase at the minute though. Classic game, hard as nails by today's standards.

DaleCooper1772d ago

Mode 7 ruled! I love Star Fox, I do the same thing every couple years. Super Ghosts n' Goblins is great too. The SNES years of gaming will probably be my fondest years of gaming, just pure joy (and some anger when it came to how hard Super G&G was.)

hduce1774d ago

We need more stories like this on N4G. I always wanted too see how certain exclusive games would run on different consoles. I would definitely liked to see more of this.

triverse1774d ago

Glad you liked this one. We are working on getting more stories like this uncovered (we have a couple more).

When I started RGM, I didn't want to simply do reviews of Super Mario 3, but rather stuff like this- stuff hardly anyone is talking about. This is awesome stuff to me and will be placed on the front page of RGM as often as possible.

Donnywho1774d ago

Anyone ever open up a Starfox SNES cartridge? It's a pretty weird sight compared to what every other cartridge looks like inside. First impression was magic.

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