inFAMOUS: Second Son: First Look on the Side Missions and on The Power Tree Revealed

inFAMOUS: Second Son is in the hands of a few lucky gamers already, and today quite a few details have been revealed, like the side activities and the smoke power tree.

Mild spoilers are involved, so pictures are hidden behind a link.

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IndianaBonez421679d ago

Good thing the upgrades use the collectables. SR4 did the same exact thing. Hope we have blast shard sense though.

IndianaBonez421679d ago

lol, look at all the angry people disagreeing

Palitera1679d ago

That's how collectibles should be done, at least. Collecting just for the sake of collecting is awful.

On a side note, this site had the best spoiler warning I've seen yet. I'm actually glad they gave me time to change my mind and don't spoil the info. =P

gameslayer24111679d ago

damn, I couldn't resist the look! I love how fleshed out all of the powers are turning out to be! I honestly hope we have multiple powers and tons of skill sets with each!

Shadowsteal1679d ago

It was already confirmed there are a handful of power sets, and an immense level of evolution of said power sets. No need to hope. It's there. Expect 4-6 powers, be surprised if it's more than 6.

ABizzel11679d ago


I though it said Tree Power, but it's Power Tree. I was thinking how on earth are you going to use the tree power outside of the forest, besides sprouting trees up randomly.

1679d ago
Datruth1871679d ago

Side mission looks boring

CrossingEden1679d ago

I really hope it doesn't get repetitive doing the same things over and over to gain district control. There's a right way to make make the player do the same thing over and over and then theres a wrong way, especially when it comes to territory control.
-Far Cry 3 Command Posts
-Assassin's creed 4 attacking forts at sea.
-Assassin's creed Revelations-Assassin's Dens

IndianaBonez421678d ago

I saw some new gameplay, everything is on the map, it wont be repetitive unless you're specifically on a collectable hunting spree.

The blast shards will always be on the map, defeats the challenge but it's less frustrating for most players, it's encouraged you get the shards too, powers won't upgrade unless you get them.

It'll be much like prototype 2. You get a point, you use it for upgrades, no worrying about XP in the first 2 Infamous games, because if you didn't do enough blast parties and direct hits and other tricks that reward you with a lot of XP, you were screwed at the end of the game with no chance of getting the rest.

The control sceme is way different too. For the thrusters, you hold X while in mid air since R1 is now the more powerful attacks so it'll be easy to hover and shoot in mid air. From official gameplay, it seems that L1 is the non lethal and incapacitating powers.

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