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Editor Ron Burke writes "Titanfall makes every player feel like they have a role to play. Even if you are just crushing bots underfoot, you feel like a badass in a giant walking tank every second of play – I just wish there was more of it."

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JPauls1679d ago

Yesterday while playing, one friend commented to another "Mike, why is your titan humping another mech?" To which I cut in:

It's called MechAssault. :D

I completely agree with this review- the content that's there gets drowned out by the mayhem, but man is the mayhem AWESOME.

And to answer the question "Does shooting dragons get you attrition points?"

Yes: +100 - but you need titan-class guns to do it.

Knightshade1678d ago

I've not tried to shoot the critters! I'm gonna give that a go. I'm still holding my breath for some Kaiju vs. Titan action....