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As we get closer and closer to the RetroN 5, Ryan uses some of his links on the inside to get a bit more information on the system and what we are to expect of it. When is it coming out? What kind of save system will it use? Will (X) work on it? Some of the more obscure questions get answered within this article. Have any more questions? Drop them in the comments, and Ryan will try to find out your answers!

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darthv721777d ago

I really hope the retron 6 is an optical drive based unit. Have it play turbo/pce cd, sega cd, 3do cd, jaguar cd....etc.

ThatArtGuy1777d ago

That would be nice, but I'd rather have older systems like Colecovision, Atari, etc.

Majin-vegeta1777d ago

Cant wait for this.Me and my bros put out for it.So when we visit our mom we can relive our childhood :D.

SF2,Golden axe,Streets of Rage,Mortal Kombat,Eternal champions. Gahh i really do miss my childhood :(

shmeedy246851776d ago

Can't wait to get this, going to be awesome!